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It seems the tortured imprisonment of Gary Harvey in Chemung County New York, will never end.  Mr. Harvey who suffered a head injury as a result of a fall in his home seven years ago, has been a real cash cow for not only the hospital he is confined to, but also for numerous agencies, attorneys and predatory guardians.  As long as Mr. Harvey can be owned and controlled by the predators, his safety, welfare and general overall health will continue to deteriorate.  But there is money to be made!  And Mr. Harvey has been a virtual ATM for those who continue to hold him hostage.

Mr. Harvey has been billed more than 1 million a year in medical and rehabilitation costs billed to his wife’s insurance.  Much of this was for rehabilitation services that never occurred.  State agencies and agents are availing themselves of Mr. Harvey’s social security checks, and any funds supplied by the Veterans Administration along with Medicaid funds.  You can see it is not in the financial interests of the predators involved to release Gary from his imprisonment.

To understand just how vindictive, how callous and vicious these individuals can be, please note the letter received shown below.  Keep in mind this is Sara Harvey’s husband who is being abused here, and this letter is in regards to his birthday visit from his wife:



                             HUMAN RESOURCE CENTER

                             425 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE

                                           P.O. BOX 588

                   ELMIRA, NEW YORK 14902-0588

                     (607) 737-5403 FAX (607) 737-5500

            TO:  Theresa Duffy, SJH  and CIS

            FROM:  Elizabeth Beckwith, Adult Services

            RE:  Gary visitation

Deretha Watterson, LCSW-R Kellie Lowman

Commissioner Children and Family Services

During Gary’s visit today, 2/27/13, Sara Harvey is permitted the following actions:

  • Kiss Gary two times on the cheek

  • Hold hand under the following conditions:

  • Hands are visible at all times by the monitor (CIS staff person and camera).

  • Sara’s hand should NOT be moving at all when holding Gary’s hand.

Please note that the above two actions shall only be permitted under the above conditions.  IF Sara deviates at any time during today’s visit from these stated expectations, then all touching should stop immediately.

These permitted actions cease at the end of the visit today.


Mrs. Harvey has waged a never-ending battle to not only free her husband from this horrendous abuse, but most times just to have access to her husband.  Visitation occurs only under the supervision of an armed guard and a nurse.  Most times she is not allowed to touch him or comfort him in any way.  She is not allowed to take pictures of him in his chronically deteriorating condition to document the abuse and neglect this man has suffered at the hands of predators who operate under the protection and facilitation of the probate courts.

As a result of being involuntarily guardianized by the probate court, Mr. Harvey has lost all rights to due process, any civil rights protections afforded under the state or federal constitutions, and is not only incapable of speaking for himself, would not be allowed to even if he could speak.  None-the-less, last year the court appointed attorney for Mr. Harvey insisted that he wanted a divorce from his wife, Sara.  How this information was communicated from Mr. Harvey to this so-called attorney,  has never been provided.

Having to battle the state agencies, hospital staff and attorneys just to retain the right to visit with her husband, Mrs. Harvey has been relentless in her pursuit of justice for her husband.  As a result, unfounded charges of abuse were levied against Mrs. Harvey for which no proof was ever provided or even offered.  In guardianship cases, charges can be leveled against anyone attempting to advocate for a guardianized victim by any of the individuals from various agencies, attorneys or predatory guardians.  Even hospital staff can levy charges for which no proof, other than they said so, has occurred.  Each of these fraudulent charges is money in the bank.

There is absolutely no excuse for the baseless restrictions put on Mrs. Harvey in regards to such basic physical contact with her husband.  This is vindictiveness.  This is cruel and unusual punishment for  crime never committed.

This is your probate court, unethical attorneys, predatory guardians and agency personal flexing their muscle…..and Gary and Sara Harvey are paying the price.