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This weeks Guest: James Johnson – NCFIRE
Look at the tally of crimes below – this is a must tune in  show
I am honored to have Jim on the show – it is unbelievable what is transpiring.
Jim and I will discuss this report – how to create such a report in your state and more
James Johnson bio
1978- Graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University -degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology- aircraft mechanic
1981- United States Air Force- Flight Simulator Technician
1984-2005- Private sector as an electronic equipment technician and  electrician
I was injured on the job in 2005 and during the years of recovery from injuries, I became more and more aware of the illegal alien situation.
It started slowly. First it was having to press “1” for English every time I called a doctors office or medical clinic. It seemed everywhere you turned, stores were having signs in English and Spanish and products were being labeled with both languages. I would see non-English speaking people buying groceries with “food stamp cards” and paying for their alcohol with  wads of cash. I started to notice more and more crimes by non-English  speaking people as well as illegal aliens marching in the streets   demanding “rights”.
The tipping point was when my  son’s college professor at Campbell University, Mr. Lewis M. Fetterman Jr,  was killed in a car accident by an illegal alien in Newton Grove. Mr. Fetterman and his wife were simply coming home from a weekend at the beach, when an intoxicated illegal alien slammed into them with his car.  The individual had no license and no insurance and it was later determined that he was here illegally.
I started NCFIRE to try do something to stop the wasteful spending of our tax money and the needless killing of NC citizens by illegal  aliens.
NCFIRE  stands for North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement. While very similar       sounding to the FIRECoalition, we are not affiliated with or part of The FIRECoalition. We are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization with over 6,000  members and we are in daily contact with 30-40 thousand NC citizens       through various social networks.
To contact us:
Or call : 320 281-0585 Skype