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Join us today February 22nd, 2013 at 4:00pm CST!

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Listen live HERE!

CAllin# 917-388-4520


Our guest is Ryan Krieg, a member of Minnesotans for the Right to Keep & Bear Arms.

 Connect and discuss issues within the firearms community. Get the latest info on gun control legislation and find out how you can take action to help secure our rights.

TCGOCF was launched 15 months ago, Nov. 2011, with the purpose of connecting gun owners in the metro area and creating a forum to discuss issues related to firearms, training, carry issues, self-defense and Second Amendment issues, etc. Given the general anti-gun climate in the Twin Cities metro area and its political arenas, I wanted to create a forum where lawful firearms owners could see how many of us there are and feel supported.
However, in the last few months the content on the forum has been heavily focused on the political issues surrounding gun control, and since the introduction of the extremist gun control legislation in Minnesota, our focus has become issuing commentary and Action Items in an attempt to defeat the bills – nationally and in the state. The page is growing at a rapid pace over the last few weeks, and our reach has spanned to cities across the country.
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