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So how much are you going to take, America?  The area marked in orange on this map is supposedly a “Constitution Free Zone”.  A zone where you have no rights or protections and can be assaulted, detained and interrogated by federal agents just for traveling through the zone.  These federal agents used to be American citizens.  Now they, like a few million others, are simply “boots on the ground” for the federal corporation.  No longer part of the “we the people”, these individuals have rejected the notion of a free America and most certainly the idea that we have a Constitution specifically to prevent this kind of activity on the part of the federal corporation.  Their job?  To unlawfully detain, to interrogate, to harass, to intimidate and to demand your “papers”.ConstitutionFree

This is pre-conditioning.  Its getting you used to the idea that you have no rights or protections and that the Constitution is meaningless.  You are being conditioned to think that this unlawful activity is somehow ok……after all….they have a uniform, a badge, and they will remind you incessantly that they are federal agents in their effort to terrorize you.  And this is terrorism.  It is terrorism committed by the federal corporation that frauds the public and calls itself our government.

What true American would voluntarily don a uniform and a badge and accept the premise that the Constitution is somehow a hinderance to law and order, or that it somehow does not apply in specially marked areas which they patrol?

Attack of the Benedict Arnold’s

The police state is being assembled right before our very eyes and it is being manned by former Americans.

  • TSA in our airports molesting travelers is now commonplace.
  • Now the “Total Sexual Assault” (TSA) teams are appearing on our highways.
  • So-called “federal agents” are detaining American citizens traveling the roads in our own country.
  • All of our phone calls tapped,
  • our emails read, and
  • weaponized drones are to appear soon overhead to spy on us and kill us if need be.
  • Roving back-scatter x-ray vans are cruising our streets now, secretly scanning people walking down the street.
  • Fusions centers in every state are collecting information on absolutely everyone.
  • Our DNA is being tracked, along with
  • biometric markers,
  • iris scans,
  • fingerprints and increasingly frequently,
  • even the sounds of our voices are being data based.
  • We have street lights that spy on us and take our pictures along with
  • red light cameras and
  • bar-coded license plates that can be scanned and tracked for great distances.
  • Our picture can be taken just walking into a store or down a street, multiple times.
  • Smart Meters are military weapons redesigned to be installed on our homes; they dont’ have to fire a shot, they just have to increase the emf frequency to cause severe distress or death.
  • Tens of thousands of hidden antennas and cell towers have been installed across and around the country, with plans to install thousands more.  These most likely work in tandem with the GWEN towers that criss-cross the country, built in the 1980‘s for military use which are still active.
  • The military is conducting un-announced urban warfare drills in major cities across the US. Guess who they are planning on attacking?
  • The Homeland Security Terrorism Department has bought more than a billion rounds of ammo and has ordered more, along with those Bushmaster type rifles they don’t want the public to have.
  • Our local law enforcement has been converted into a para-military operation and set against the communities that employ them.
  • The federal corporation has encouraged and allowed an estimated 25 million illegal immigrants to enter the country to displace Americans.

We have government on all levels that we absolutely cannot trust on any level. 

We have had successive presidents incrementally putting a dictatorship into place, including the current president. We have allowed senators and representatives, both state and federal, to continue to violate the public trust, to fail to represent the people, to enrich themselves at our expense, to legislate clear violations of the constitution, to violate our rights under the phony “war on terror”, to pander to political party over obligation to the people.

And worst of all, to set all of these egregious actions into play in what is nothing less than a “war OF terror” on the American people.

If congress was employed by anyone other than the American public, how long do you think they would keep their jobs?  If you worked for someone who only gave you a 9% approval rating for the job you had done…..would you still be employed?  The answer is, “No! Of course not!”   Then why do we let these people continue?  It is apparent they are either anti-American, unskilled, uneducated especially in the law and the Constitution, and have no morals or ethics nor any sense of allegiance to the United States.  They do however covet their position in the federal corporation.  Its quite lucrative and allows them to exempt themselves from truly egregious assaults on liberty.  Now, they come with the intent to disarm America, making defense an impossibility.

Government by the paranoid

Constitution free zones are nothing more than openly declared police state zones.

We are all suspects.  We are all suspected….of something. In the paranoid delusions of government there is a war of terror and it is being waged by the federal corporation against the American people.  The recent uproar over guns is a false flag argument.  It is a carefully staged crisis that is meant to strike down the 2nd Amendment.  The public is fully aware that time is short, and that the need to defend themselves is soon to be upon them.  Gun sales have skyrocketed as Americans realize that the next war started by the federal corporation will be a war against the people.

So how far are you willing to let this go, America?