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Join us live, February 10, 2013 at 7:00pm CST!

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Beverly Newman, Elder Advocate, Florida, will co-host this show.

This evening we will be focused on upcoming laws in New Mexico that will make legal (not lawful) the grip of predatory commercial fiduciary’s one year after death of the elder victim.  Evidently this law is needed in NM due to the predators inability to loot the total estate prior to death in many cases.

Leonie Rosenstiel will join us from New Mexico to talk about the ongoing efforts in that state to legalize the theft of estates by “commercial guardians” and to allow New Mexico family and probate courts to continue holding secret meetings which adversely affect the targeted victim. These secret court proceedings are used to violate the rights of the victim and the extended family.

Secret meetings?  No evidence required for false charges levied against family and friends who attempt to rescue the victim?  Pre-existing wills, trusts, estate plans discarded after drugging the victim and claiming then, that they are incompetent and therefore pre-existing health directives, and estate documents are void?

All these things and many others are the method of operation in the organized criminal rings operating in probate and family courts across the country.


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