new-logo25 Marti Oakley


There is not one police or sheriff’s vehicle left in the country that bears the words “To Serve & Protect” emblazoned on the side.  Thanks to the Homeland Security Terrorism Department, and massive cash infusions into state and local law enforcement departments, these words have been intentionally scraped and replaced with enlarged graphics simply reading “SHERIFF or (your town) POLICE”.

No longer the hero’s of our childhood, our local law enforcement agencies have been morphed into para-military organizations whose personnel in most cases, believes that the law does not apply to them.  After watching this short video, it is apparent that the officers involved are acting in a manner indicative of someone who believes that no matter how egregious their actions, they will not be held accountable and in most cases, they are not.

This video is indicative of what happens when you allow the wearing of a badge to override the law.