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“When wild horse advocates contacted the BLM with questions about my article and the sales of wild horses to Jim Reeves of Spur Livestock, Debbie Collins, BLM’s “Information Center Coordinator” sent an inaccurate reply……….


In what could be the “perfect storm,” my last 2 articles tied together, because those busy bees in BLM made a feeble attempt to disparage my article about Spur Livestock (which has a BLM contract for a wild horse long term holding pasture and is co-owned by Jim Reeves) selling wild horses to a kill buyer and also seemed to illustrate points I made in my article about BLM public relations manipulation.

When wild horse advocates contacted the BLM with questions about my article and the sales of wild horses to Jim Reeves of Spur Livestock, Debbie Collins, BLM’s “Information Center Coordinator” sent an inaccurate reply (portions below).   Debbie Collins’ comments are in black.

My clarification is in red.

Debbie Collins (BLM)

: “The BLM did sell 72 horses to Jim Reeves, of Spur Livestock, in 2008.


:  That’s what I said.

Debbie Collins

:  The BLM sold him 36 geldings on September 9, 2008, from the Palomino Valley Facility in Sparks, NV and 36 mares on September 23, 2008, from the Canon City Correctional Center in Canon City, CO.”

You’ve got it backwards.  On 9/9/2008, Jim Reeves bought 36 geldings, ages 11-13, from the Canon City Maintenance Facility (prison) in Colorado and on 9/23/2008, Jim Reeves bought 36 mares, ages 11-12, from the BLM’s Palomino Valley holding facility in Nevada.

“The White Horse long-term pasture is an all-gelding facility; therefore, it would not have been possible to sell him mares from the White Horse gelding facility.”

It doesn’t matter what facility the wild horses came from.  The BLM states that they do not sell our wild horses to slaughter, but their contractor sure did.

“Since Mr. Reeves is a partner in Spur Livestock, he was strongly advised that any wild horses he purchased had to be kept completely separate from the wild horses in the White Horse long-term pasture.”

Nowhere in my article did I say the wild horses he bought WERE in the same long term pastures as wild horses, or that they were kept “together.”

This was listed on his sales application and bill of sale

It is not listed on the bill of sale, signed by virtual migration person, that was sent to me in response to a FOIA requestHere is the standard language for the BLM’s Bills of Sale:

No further sales have been made to Jim Reeve

Like this makes the fact that a BLM contractor sold 70 wild horses to a kill buyer okay?

The point is, Spur Livestock sold 70 BLM wild horses to Joe Simon, the kill buyer, WHILE under contract with the BLM.

In November 30, 2009, the BLM migrated to a new Wild Horse & Burro database.  As a result, some of the pre-November 30, 2009 data did not convert identical in the new system; therefore, the signature lines on the bills of sale are showing up as “Virtual Migration Person” instead of the actual BLM authorized officer’s name.

Does the BLM have or keep the original paper copies of signed contracts?  Please provide signed copies to the public.

Several years ago, in an effort to show transparency, the BLM started posting facility reports to our Quick Facts page.

The facility reports are still not posted monthly (so much for being “quick”).

However, the reports can only reflect the data that is in entered into the system on the day the report is run.  For example, our August 5, 2008 facility report reflects that the Canon City facility(COF85) had 1,220 animals. The same location reflects 1,224 animals on October 20, 2008.  Between the August 5 and October 20 reports

The Canon City report I have shows the exact month and the number of horses shipped out each month ,

the BLM sold Jim Reeves 36 geldings from the Canon City facility and they were shipped to his South Dakota location.  

Were the horses shipped to Reeves at taxpayer expense?

In addition, the Canon City facility received animals from the Sand Wash gather. They also moved some horses into the Canon City training facility(COF87) and adopted some animals.

Collins focused on the number of horses IN the Canon City facility and horses shipped INTO the facility.  My FOIA documents show discrepancies in the number of horses SHIPPED OUT, which do not match other FOIA documents with the numbers of horses SOLD out of Canon City. 

Therefore, the analysis provided in the article about the BLM facility reports did not take into account all of the extenuating circumstances.

The “extenuating circumstances” are so out in left field that they have nothing to do with the numbers in my article.  They also don’t mitigate the fact that BLM contractor Spur Livestock sold wild horses to a kill buyer. 

The BLM will investigate any credible claims that horses sold by the agency have gone or are going to slaughter.

My article has provided credible data that BLM wild horses were sold to a known kill buyer. Has the BLM initiated an investigation into Jim Reeves and Spur Livestock yet?  If so, who is leading the investigation, what is their contact information and when can we expect the results of the investigation?

Prior to the publication of this article, the author did not contact BLM for assistance in interpreting the FOIA data they received from the BLM.

The BLM has not addressed big questions that we all have.  For instance, “Who signed the Bill of Sale?” and “How could this happen?