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Join Ruthie January 31st, 2013 at 8:00 pm CST!

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Join Ruthie as she covers the news reports on the devastating effects of illegal immigration.

Join Ruthie and her guests tonight at 8:00 CST! Ruthie will be delivering all the news that is news on the illegal immigration front  with GUEST: Peggy Kandies who was the victim of an attempted rape by an illegal alien who was then protected by law enforcement and the courts.  Eventually , even though found guilty, the rapist was quickly put on a plane to Austin Texas, supposedly to be deported rather than being imprisoned here.  This story will turn your stomach when you hear the ordeal Ms. Kandies endured.

We will be discussing the assault at the hands of an illegal alien.

I have been asked by people… “Ruthie why do the victims of illegal alien crimes not come forward – why are they not speaking to the media – sharing their ordeals?” Some would rather not publicly deal with the crime, others just want to forget the best they can – others have a hard enough time with the aftermath that they just cannot. But there are those out there that do want to share these crimes – those that feel in some way – if they share – they may educate someone else from the same tragedy This weeks guest is Peggy Kandies (links below) – attacked and assaulted by an illegal alien. She has been told that her assaulter has been deported – was he? Has he already returned over that unsecured border?
The Ruthie Report has and will continue to offer the victims – at the hands of someone who should have not been in the USA to begin – a platform – a place – where they can share their ordeals – in the continued efforts of awareness and hopefully as a benefit to the victims Special Thanks to Peggy for sharing her terrifying assault with us and: Special Thanks to Brian McElwee for he’s reporting.


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