The Ruthie Report: with James Johnson from NCFIRE

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My guns and spoons are a danger to law abiding citizens

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new-logo25  Author unknown  


Today I swung my front door wide open  and placed my Stevens 320 right in the doorway.  I gave it 6 shells, and  noticing that it had no legs, even placed it in my wheelchair to help it  get around.
I then left it alone and went about my business. While I was gone, the mailman delivered my mail, chairthe  neighbor boy across the street mowed the yard, a girl walked her dog  down the street, and quite a few cars stopped at the stop sign right in  front of our house.  After about an hour, I checked on the gun. It was still sitting there in the wheelchair, right where I had left it. It hadn’t rolled itself outside. It certainly hadn’t killed anyone, even with the numerous opportunities it had been presented to do so. In fact, it hadn’t even loaded itself.
Well you can imagine my surprise,  with all the media hype about how dangerous guns are and how they kill people. Either the media is wrong, and it’s the misuse of guns by PEOPLE  that kills people, or I’m in possession of the laziest gun in the world.
Alright, well I’m off to check on my spoons. I hear they’re making people fat.

Ignorital: The new drug for what ails ya!


This ad is from our good friends over at www.cancertruth.net   While even the folks at CT admit the ad is pure satire……..it is a point well made!  Thanks Cancer Truth!



Madeleine Pickens’ $1,200 (per night) Teepees


ppjg-4815Debbie Coffey   PPJ Investigative Reporter

Director of Wild Horse Affairs, Wild Horse Freedom Federation             

Copyright 2013       All Rights Reserved.


Madeleine Pickens (whose organization is called Saving America’s Mustangs) plans an “eco-resort” called Mustang Monument, as part of a Bureau of Land mopManagement (BLM) eco-sanctuary plan to put wild horse geldings (a non-reproducing herd), which were rounded up and warehoused on a BLM holding facility, onto another fenced in area (with a more glamorous title).
While Madeleine’s idea included putting horses on a grazing allotment on public land, the BLM’s plan will likely eradicate 3 federally protected wild horse Herd Management Areas (HMAs). The BLM will likely roundup the remaining family bands of wild horses currently on these 3 HMAs, ship the wild horses to short term holding, then to same sex, long term holding pastures on private property for the rest of their lives. (Which may not be very long, but that’s another story.)

In this particular public-private partnership, approximately 14,000 acres are private land, and a whopping 508,000 acres are public land. But who will benefit the most? More

TS Radio: New Mexico Legislation expanding human trafficking of the elderly

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TS Radio: Minnesotans for the Right to Keep & Bear Arms


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The Ruthie Report: Dave Gibson–Is this the next Benghazi ?

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Minnesota: Universal Gun Registration Bill – Hearings Thursday and Friday

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The most dangerous bill this session is not a magazine ban, or an “assault weapon” ban. It’s universal registration, masquerading as “universal background checks.”

It’s called SF 458, and it will be heard on THURSDAY at the state capitol. GOCRA will be there to fight it. Will you?

SF 458, among other faults, would make you a criminal, punishable with up to a year in jail, if you buy or sell a pistol or cosmetically frightening rifle without doing the transfer through a licensed dealer (who will charge you $25 to make a permanent record for the federal government) or without the buyer getting a purchase permit (for which the police chief or sheriff will charge another $25).

Of course, these costly “background checks” won’t stop criminals from stealing guns, buying them on the street, or from sending their girlfriends and sisters (who have clean criminal records) into gun stores to buy the guns for them.

That’s because, of course, criminals don’t obey laws.

The gun banners know this any step to make guns harder to own and easier to take away is a win for them.

Whether you can come to the hearings or not, email and call your Minnesota senator and representative and tell them you won’t stand for it. More

Sucking the hind teat of a dead cow…….


This is so good I can hardly stand it.  This guy says it all..  Watch this now before YouTube censors it.

TS Radio: Elder Abuse…Tracking professional predators

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It’s time to let your voice be heard at the Minnesota Capitol!

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We need you to once again show the Minnesota Legislature that real Minnesotans oppose infringements on Second Amendment rights!

Senate Judiciary Committee chair Ron Latz, a consistent voice against gun rights, has scheduled three hearings next week to discuss the numerous gun control bills introduced this session. They hearing times are:

Thursday, Feb. 21, Noon to 2:30 p.m.

Thursday, Feb. 21, 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Friday, Feb. 22, Noon to 6:00 p.m.

While Senator Latz delayed public announcement of these hearings until Wednesday night, he apparently tipped off anti-rights groups early Wednesday morning!

We don’t know yet which bills will be heard when, but there are plenty of bad bills to go around.

We will watch the committee schedule for any last minute changes.

Please call and email members of the committee and urge them to OPPOSE infringement of your rights: More

Interior Nominee Sally Jewell Stumps for Multi-National Corporations


new-logo25strip bannerDebbie Coffey       PPJ Investigative Reporter

Director of Wild Horse Affairs, Wild Horse Freedom Federation                

                                                Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved ___________________________________________________________________ You’ve gotta love a gal who’d enter into a conference call with Directors of the National Parks Conservation Association by saying "What we need to be concerned about is that we don't become the icing on a turd”  and this observation alone would make Sally Jewell seem uniquely qualified to revamp the Bureau of Land Management’s disastrous Wild Horse & Burro Program.palomino-valley-captive Sally Jewell is President Obama’s new choice to replace Ken Salazar as the Secretary of the Department of Interior.

While it was amusing when Secretary Salazar recently threatened to punch out a journalist and then had to apologize after a lot of bad publicity, it was the only thing to smile about during his tenure at the top of the heap of BLM’s mismanaged and unethical Wild Horse & Burro Program. Not to mention the whole BP disaster that happened under Salazar’s watch.

Since Sally Jewell worked in banking for many years, maybe she’ll be able to help the American public get an accurate count of the wild horses on their federally protected Herd Management Areas.

While wild horse advocates hope that the new Secretary of the Department of the Interior will do something to stop the BLM’s eradication of wild horses, just because we see photos of Jewell paddling a kayak or read that she likes to hike, we shouldn’t automatically assume that she’ll want to help save the wild horses.

The extractive industries that are leasing public lands for as little as $2 an acre have their hopes up, too (and they have a lot of money and lobbyists). “Tim Wigley, president of the Western Energy Alliance, said he hoped that time in the fields would translate into expanded oil and gas drilling on federal lands. ‘We hope to see a better balance of productive development on non-park, non-wilderness public lands that enhances the wealth of America and creates jobs while protecting the environment.”

What do we know about Sally Jewell? More

The Ruthie Report with Luis Pozollo: DO NOT pass amnesty

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War OF Terror on America: Constitution free zones?


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new-logo25Marti Oakley  ©copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved


So how much are you going to take, America?  The area marked in orange on this map is supposedly a “Constitution Free Zone”.  A zone where you have no rights or protections and can be assaulted, detained and interrogated by federal agents just for traveling through the zone.  These federal agents used to be American citizens.  Now they, like a few million others, are simply “boots on the ground” for the federal corporation.  No longer part of the “we the people”, these individuals have rejected the notion of a free America and most certainly the idea that we have a Constitution specifically to prevent this kind of activity on the part of the federal corporation.  Their job?  To unlawfully detain, to interrogate, to harass, to intimidate and to demand your “papers”.ConstitutionFree

This is pre-conditioning.  Its getting you used to the idea that you have no rights or protections and that the Constitution is meaningless.  You are being conditioned to think that this unlawful activity is somehow ok……after all….they have a uniform, a badge, and they will remind you incessantly that they are federal agents in their effort to terrorize you.  And this is terrorism.  It is terrorism committed by the federal corporation that frauds the public and calls itself our government.

What true American would voluntarily don a uniform and a badge and accept the premise that the Constitution is somehow a hinderance to law and order, or that it somehow does not apply in specially marked areas which they patrol?

Attack of the Benedict Arnold’s

The police state is being assembled right before our very eyes and it is being manned by former Americans.

  • TSA in our airports molesting travelers is now commonplace.
  • Now the “Total Sexual Assault” (TSA) teams are appearing on our highways.
  • So-called “federal agents” are detaining American citizens traveling the roads in our own country.
  • All of our phone calls tapped,
  • our emails read, and
  • weaponized drones are to appear soon overhead to spy on us and kill us if need be. More

Texas commissioners push for landfill against public demands


new-logo25PLEASE SIGN PETITION Posted by Debbie Coffey _______________________________________________________________________

Web site of Waller/Hempstead anti landfill group—    http://www.stophwy6landfill.com/


There is a landfill planned in Texas, near many horse rescues and where horses (and their humans) depend on clean groundwater. Please sign this petition, started by Tobi Kosanke, on Change.org:

Tobi Kosanke wrote this: At today’s Commissioner’s Court meeting, Commissioners Sylvia Cedillo and Otis Styers voted to sue the TCEQ for not recognizing Waller County's ordinance against landfills, including the Pintail landfill. Judge Beckendorff and Commissioners Kitzman and Podluka voted to amend the ordinance to permit the Pintail landfill, dealing a crushing blow to the health and economy of Hempstead and the surrounding Waller County area. In response, Commissioners Cedillo and Styers resigned. It was gut-wrenching to watch citizen after citizen after citizen stand up and plead with the Commission to support the ordinance and their constituents, only to witness our elected officials support the landfill company instead.

That this can happen in America is astounding. We expect the people we vote into office to represent us, their constituents. In this case, the constituents overwhelmingly demanded, pleaded, begged and insisted that the Commissioners vote to insure that this landfill not be built. But our local officials acted like dictators and voted against the health and financial well being of the people who elected them. More

New York fights back against 2nd Amendment infringement



strip bannerIn Albany, New York, officials were confronted by 2nd Amendment advocates.  Realizing that the recently passed legislation infringed on their constitutional rights, these guys stood up and talked back!

One very important question was asked by one man in the crowd:

IF, as Bloomberg has said, these guns are weapons of war, why do the police have them?  Who are they at war with?

DFL’er Alice Hausman launches an ex post facto attack on gun rights


new-logo25Marti Oakley        copyright ©2013


Below is the video of Alice Hausman DFL, 22A, MN, delivering her opening attack on the 2nd Amendment in the House Public Safety Finance and Policy Committee of 2/6/13.  Sighting gun deaths from countries such as Japan which does not have the right to keep and bear arms, Hausman makes no reference to that fact that these countries are defenseless while the US citizens have more than 500 million privately owned guns.  Or, that gun deaths in the countries she alludes to are usually the result of government attacks.  gc indian Furthermore, I know of no one on either side who is remotely concerned with what are most likely fictionalized stats from other countries.  After all I doubt few of the countries she mentions keep actual tally’s on the number of people the governments execute routinely.  Obviously, our own government doesn’t keep any records either and they have empowered themselves to kill us for any, or no reason at all.

The remainder of Hausman’s remarks are nothing more than a re-hash of UN Global Small Arms Treaty mandates which OBama is desperate to implement.

As Hausman concludes her attack on the 2nd Amendment, she quickly folds up her tent and scurries from the room, leaving her lobbyist to listen to public comments….AS DID EVERY OTHER DEMOCRAT.

For some reason, violating the constitutional prohibition on ex post facto laws, as well as your 4th and 5th Amendments in addition to the gross infringement on the 2nd Amendment is okay…….but staying to face the people whose rights you are violating knowing that you your self have violated the very premise under which you were elected is too much to ask.  Cowards are like that.

From Powerline

Under the Democrats’ legislation, no one can buy or possess an “assault weapon” in Minnesota. If you already own one as of February 1, you can keep it. But you have to register it, and give the state permission to inspect your home–which is the only place you can keep the “assault weapon”–to make sure you are storing it properly, and undergo annual background checks. You can’t sell the firearm or give it away, and when you die, your heirs are required to either destroy it or “surrender the weapon to a law enforcement agency for destruction.” So the statute represents a ban, followed by confiscation.

If people actually read the bills, especially HF 241-244 they will find out it actually turns many lawful gun owners into felons. HF 241 calls for registration and annual back ground checks and home inspections, by force if necessary.

So how many of you are willing to comply? And why is no one moving to recall this woman from office?


TS Radio: New Mexico Laws protecting predatory commercial guardians


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TS Radio: Smart Meters with John & Pauline Holeton



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Sheriff Mack on the rise of police brutality and lawlessness in law enforcement


new-logo25 Marti Oakley


There is not one police or sheriff’s vehicle left in the country that bears the words “To Serve & Protect” emblazoned on the side.  Thanks to the Homeland Security Terrorism Department, and massive cash infusions into state and local law enforcement departments, these words have been intentionally scraped and replaced with enlarged graphics simply reading “SHERIFF or (your town) POLICE”.

No longer the hero’s of our childhood, our local law enforcement agencies have been morphed into para-military organizations whose personnel in most cases, believes that the law does not apply to them.  After watching this short video, it is apparent that the officers involved are acting in a manner indicative of someone who believes that no matter how egregious their actions, they will not be held accountable and in most cases, they are not.

This video is indicative of what happens when you allow the wearing of a badge to override the law.

The Land of the Fleeced and the Home of our Early Grave


  new-logo25By Miss American


“For the aware among us, it has mostly been a long, lonely, depressing, winding road.  Very soon, one by one, the suckers will awaken from their slumber to the new America:  The Land of the Fleeced and the Home of our Early Grave.”

Why has the nation that was the envy of all peoples and a beacon of hope for the world, become one of the catwtf1most hated, resented and feared entities on earth?  What happened?  Who is behind it?  Was it really this way all along?  If so, the world has been deluded for decades by satanic self-appointed  masters of the universe who took great delight in engineering a false world for the masses to wallow in.

Just when everyone felt safe and secure in their home, and in their children’s future (ie. firmly under Satan’ s matrix and boot), Satan and his helpers decided it was the perfect time to start amusing themselves by administering the shock treatments Americans ‘deserved’.  With no shame, and little cover, they started to show their hideous face.  It started with a ‘war on terror’, imaginary boogymen, protecting the ‘homeland’, the need to kill millions, and destroy entire countries.

While stuffing their pockets with billions, they told us it was to keep precious Americans ‘safe’.   More

Minnesota H.F. 419: Declaring federal laws restricting gun rights unenforceable



(Graphic by MrConservative.com)

Despite this week’s assault on your gun rights, there is some good news.

At least a few Minnesota lawmakers are standing up to protect your right to keep and bear arms.

State Representative Steve Drazkowski (R-21B) and 17 co-sponsors have introduced a bill — H.F. 419 — that would declare any new federal laws or executive orders restricting your Second Amendment rights unenforceable in Minnesota.

Unfortunately, this bill will go before the very same anti-gun Public Safety committee that is pushing forward with the largest assault on your gun rights in state history.

Five State Representatives — hell bent on destroying your right to keep and bear arms — even got up and walked out before opponents could speak against the anti-gun bills during yesterday’s hearings.

Since they refused to listen to you, it’s now up to you to give them an earful.

Call them at 651-296-2146 or scroll to the email below for their direct contact info.wonka2-290x189

Demand they apologize for ignoring Minnesota gun owners. Tell them to abandon their anti-gun agenda then schedule a hearing for H.F. 419 and pass it immediately!

Then when you are done, please thank Representative Steve Drazkowski at rep.steve.drazkowski@house.mn for standing up for your Second Amendment rights.

BLM “Spin Doctor” is “Out to Lunch”


new-logo25 Debbie Coffey   PPJ Investigative Reporter

Director of Wild Horse Affairs, Wild Horse Freedom Federation             
Copyright 2013       All Rights Reserved.


“When wild horse advocates contacted the BLM with questions about my article and the sales of wild horses to Jim Reeves of Spur Livestock, Debbie Collins, BLM’s “Information Center Coordinator” sent an inaccurate reply……….


In what could be the “perfect storm,” my last 2 articles tied together, because those busy bees in BLM made a feeble attempt to disparage my article about Spur Livestock (which has a BLM contract for a wild horse long term holding pasture and is co-owned by Jim Reeves) selling wild horses to a kill buyer and also seemed to illustrate points I made in my article about BLM public relations manipulation.

When wild horse advocates contacted the BLM with questions about my article and the sales of wild horses to Jim Reeves of Spur Livestock, Debbie Collins, BLM’s “Information Center Coordinator” sent an inaccurate reply (portions below).   Debbie Collins’ comments are in black.

My clarification is in red.

Debbie Collins (BLM)

: “The BLM did sell 72 horses to Jim Reeves, of Spur Livestock, in 2008.


:  That’s what I said.

Debbie Collins

:  The BLM sold him 36 geldings on September 9, 2008, from the Palomino Valley Facility in Sparks, NV and 36 mares on September 23, 2008, from the Canon City Correctional Center in Canon City, CO.”

You’ve got it backwards.  On 9/9/2008, Jim Reeves bought 36 geldings, ages 11-13, from the Canon City Maintenance Facility (prison) in Colorado and on 9/23/2008, Jim Reeves bought 36 mares, ages 11-12, from the BLM’s Palomino Valley holding facility in Nevada.

“The White Horse long-term pasture is an all-gelding facility; therefore, it would not have been possible to sell him mares from the White Horse gelding facility.”

It doesn’t matter what facility the wild horses came from.  The BLM states that they do not sell our wild horses to slaughter, but their contractor sure did.

“Since Mr. Reeves is a partner in Spur Livestock, he was strongly advised that any wild horses he purchased had to be kept completely separate from the wild horses in the White Horse long-term pasture.”

Nowhere in my article did I say the wild horses he bought WERE in the same long term pastures as wild horses, or that they were kept “together.” More

To kill the 2nd Amendment: The overthrow of the Constitutional Republic


new-logo25Marti Oakley  ©copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved


It was with a great deal of sadness and disappointment that I viewed clips of Obama shilling for the United Nations Global Small Arms Treaty (ban) and even more disappointing to see police officers and sheriffs lined up behind him as he smiled and sold his attack on the 2nd Amendment.  I predicted back before the election that the UN Small Arms Treaty would be shelved until after the election, only to make sure Obama didn’t get a political black eye that might have turned the tide against him.  Sandy Hook made the perfect gunburn_deesopportunity to bring UN Small Arms mandates out into the public after the election. But you are not supposed to realize that the Obama wish list for gun control and eventual confiscation comes right out of the UN Small Arms Treaty.

With most all the gun owners of America poised and ready to fight back against any infringement on the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment, Obama appeared in Minnesota Monday claiming that the NRA members support his attack on the 2nd Amendment.

Uh….no they don’t! And neither do the majority of us out here who don’t even own a gun.  All the fake public polls, all the talking points delivered via MSM, will not change the fact that as Americans, we are well aware of the federal governments historical desire to disarm us. More

Bureau of Land (mis)Management excels at manipulation training


new-logo25By Debbie Coffey                 PPJ Investigative Reporter

Director of Wild Horse Affairs, Wild Horse Freedom Federation                

Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved.

“The BLM also showed a video, but since a copy wasn’t included in the materials that were sent to me, for all we know, it could’ve been old episodes of “Mr. Ed.”


BLM’s Manipulation Training

Did you ever wonder what made Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Wild Horse & Burro Specialists so “special?” Was it because they had extensive training in equine sciences? Was it because they were range management specialists or biologists who took a BLM Wild Horse & Burro Program “training” class? Was it because they had a big shiny rodeo belt buckle?

After filing a Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) for documents relating to the training the BLM gives to Wild Horse & Burro Specialists, I wasn’t too surprised to see that the classes that the BLM offered, in which you, the taxpayer, paid for BLM and USDA employees to attend, (probably their travel, hotel accommodations and food), taught them to regurgitate boilerplate wild horse & burro “gather” plans(to round up the wild horses), and reviewed 82 pages out of the BLM manual (couldn’t they just read that at their desk, back at the office?).

It also included litigation, the history of the program, fertility control, the training and adoption agreement with the Mustang Heritage Foundation, and hundreds of other pages that stressed BLM’s range management and policies. Many of the instructors had backgrounds primarily in range management.

But how many pages, out of about 1,000 pages, actually dealt with wild horse behavior or health? More

Minnesota DFL’er Alice Hausman: Busy Trashing the 2nd Amendment


new-logo25Marti Oakley  ©copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved


In my humble opinion, the failure of Representative Alice Hausman (DFL)MN, and other elected officials to honor their oaths of office, to defend the Constitutions, both state and federal, is grounds for recall from office.

Representative Hausman has helped author a bill which is a clear violation of the 2nd Amendment.  This bill also calls for the violation of due process and establishes police powers far beyond the scope of law.  The last thing any of our communities need is the aggrandizement of power in local law enforcement now that they are under Homeland Security control and exist as para-military organizations, and no longer exist to protect and serve their communities.

Ms Hausman, like so many others in the legislature, is apparently oblivious to standing laws, SCOTUS rulings and the Constitution.  Apparently believing that due to her office, these issues should not concern her, Hausman has authored one of the most egregious assaults on the 2nd Amendment.  Neither does Ms Hausman seem to understand that it is illegal to try to pass ex post facto laws and that just because she does not adhere to any sense of law, does not mean that the rest of us lose our rights.

What it should mean is that she automatically is unseated and removed from office for failing to act in defense of her district and for willingly and knowingly violating her oath of office.  At the very least, Hausman and others are guilty of malfeasance of office:


/mælˈfizəns/ Show Spelled [mal-fee-zuhns] Show IPA

noun Law.

the performance by a public official of an act that is legally unjustified, harmful, or contrary to law; wrongdoing (used especially of an act in violation of a public trust).


Authored by  anti-gun St. Paul State Representative Alice Hausman, H.F. 241  would:

*** Ban the sale, transfer, possession and  manufacturing of ALL semiautomatic firearms with a detachable magazine and at  least one “characteristic” — which means just about anything that makes a  gun “look scary.
(This includes rifles AND  pistols!) More

Minnesota DFL’ers begin 2nd Amendment assault


strip banner

new-logo25Marti Oakley  ©copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved


“I have no doubt that chapstick is being widely used today by those we elected in the Minnesota legislature, in preparation for Monday’s lovefest with Obama .  Maybe someone will think to pass out knee pads, also.”


In anticipation of the appearance of King Obama on Monday, February 4th, four DFL’ers here in Minnesota submitted their [coincidentally identical to Obama’s]  proposed legislation that infringes on the 2nd Amendment.  Not only have these people decided that they are not constrained by the Constitution for the United States, Supreme Court rulings or any other lawful obstacle to infringing on the 2nd, they also seemGun-Control-Works-Pictures-e1342051099803 to have forgotten the oath they swore upon taking office declaring that they would defend that Constitution.

Republicans had this same selective amnesia during the Bush/Cheney Crime Administration and worked tirelessly to strike down not only our rights, but the Constitution in total.

Sec. 8. Oath of office.

Each member and officer of the legislature before entering upon his duties shall take an oath or affirmation to support the Constitution of the United States, the constitution of this state, and to discharge faithfully the duties of his office to the best of his judgment and ability.

Apparently, judgment and ability is in short supply in the Minnesota House and Senate.  What a surprise!

SF 235: Modifying the lawful possession of firearms

This bill is on the hotlist of bills in Minnesota and is an ex post facto law.

Ron Latz, the DFL senator from District 46, appears to have no knowledge whatsoever about the 2nd Amendment or previous SCOTUS rulings or even the state constitution and also appears to be suffering from selective amnesia with regards to that oath of office he and several other DFL’er’s took.

Gun control state by state

On Monday, Obama is to appear in what is billed as a public meeting (that really isn’t unless you support his desires) in the Minnesota legislature.  Once there, his mere presence will cause the bending of many legislative knees, and from this position, that great sucking sound you will hear will be the result of numerous legislative lips, both Democrat and Republican, puckering in supplication and submission as he promotes his state-by-state efforts to pass the beginnings of gun banning and confiscation.  More

The Ruthie Report: The rape of Peggy Kandies by illegal alien

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Join Ruthie as she covers the news reports on the devastating effects of illegal immigration.

Join Ruthie and her guests tonight at 8:00 CST! Ruthie will be delivering all the news that is news on the illegal immigration front  with GUEST: Peggy Kandies who was the victim of an attempted rape by an illegal alien who was then protected by law enforcement and the courts.  Eventually , even though found guilty, the rapist was quickly put on a plane to Austin Texas, supposedly to be deported rather than being imprisoned here.  This story will turn your stomach when you hear the ordeal Ms. Kandies endured.

We will be discussing the assault at the hands of an illegal alien. More

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