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Where is your outrage over the hundreds of thousands of deaths each year that result from FDA approved and declared safe, pharmaceuticals?  Where is your outrage and your demand for change regarding the drugging of our children and the elderly: many to the point of death.  Why are you not outraged over the use of psychotropic medications that cause suicidal and/or homicidal ideation in children deemed too young to be forced onto these drugs, and what is referred to as brainstorms that cause aggressive, violent and psychotic behavior?  Why are you not outraged and demanding change over the hundreds of thousands of deaths each year from the use of known toxic pharmaceuticals?


With sheriff’s across the country lining up, drawing a constitutional line in the proverbial sand, this will be an all out power struggle to retain the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.   Homeland Security Terrorism Department is arming itself to the teeth in preparation for what can only be a potential attack on America; we need to preserve our 2nd Amendment.

What is missing from the gun debate?

Just imagine for a moment, that congress and the president and all his czars and UN buddies had to drugs_deespublicly acknowledge the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries caused by toxic pharmaceuticals each year!  All approved safe and effective by the FDA!

Gun deaths accounted for in the FBI Uniform Crime Report, between 2006 and 2010 ,856 people were murdered in the U.S. by firearms.  Its unfortunate that we cannot get the FBI to do a Uniform Deadly Medication Report.

Total 2006-2010 deaths: 270,827 and, 1,702,973 serious injuries from toxic pharmaceuticals as reported on , taken from the AERS [FDA’s Adverse Events Reporting System] Patient Outcomes by Year Causes of Death   (See graph below)

Guns vs Vioxx !!

In the period between 2001 and 2004, Vioxx, manufactured by Merck killed a hundred thousand individuals.  Actually the death toll from Vioxx is still rolling.

Conservative writer and activist Ron Unz  has concluded that data indicate that the death toll from Vioxx was closer to 500,000 just in 2004.

What?  No fake public polls saying the public was in favor of Vioxx control?

Did no one think to print up t-shirts with the slogan “I don’t want to be Vioxx’ed”?

Did the (then) president shed crocodile tears for these half million people?  Did he mount a public campaign to outlaw Vioxx?  Did he promise swift action on making Vioxx illegal or harder to obtain? Has our current president?   No? What’s up with that?

Did any activist groups appear on the streets decrying the deaths from Vioxx and demanding that the marketing of numerous pharmaceuticals known to be deadly, be outlawed?  After all, we have an estimated half million people dead from this one drug in just one year.  Don’t they count?

Did any big global banks seize the accounts of Merck and refuse to do business with them?  No, again?  That’s strange…….that’s what they are doing to gun manufacturers.

Has the United Nations begun any negotiations for a UN Global Vioxx Banning  Treaty?  Declaring the manufacture of even small doses of Vioxx to be banned unless owned and in the possession of the “state”?

Now I get it!

If you are a big pharmaceutical company with thousands of lobbyists crawling like maggots on the corpse that is the District of Criminals, you can kill all the people you like with what you know to be deadly and lethal medications.

No banks will refuse to do business with you, the UN won’t be colluding with our government to end your right to manufacturer and sell Vioxx.  There will not be one MSM talking potato head who will even mention shutting down the operations of Merck and holding the corporate leaders and scientists accountable for all these deaths for no other reason than, profit.  These privilged S.O.B’s will never be charged with even one murder and hundreds will continue to die as a result of known lethal medications.

If anything horrible should result from the use of these killer drugs, you can always point the finger somewhere else as to the cause.  Just keep those “campaign contributions” amounting to millions upon millions rolling in to the coffers of those political whores in the District, and you can get away with murder….for real.


(Deaths and Serious Patient Outcomes from FDA-Approved Drugs) "These data describe the outcome of the patient as defined in U.S. reporting regulations (21 CFR 310.305, 314.80, 314.98, 600.80) and Forms FDA 3500 and 3500A (the MedWatch forms). Serious means that one or more of the following outcomes were documented in the report: death, hospitalization, life-threatening, disability, congenital anomaly and/or other serious outcome. Documenting one or more of these outcomes in a report does not necessarily mean that the suspect product(s) named in the report was the cause of these outcomes."

AERS1 Patient Outcomes by Year

Year                            Death       Serious

2000                           19,445           153,818
2001                            23,988          166,384
2002                            28,181           159,000
2003                            35,173           177,008
2004                            34,928          199,510
2005                            40,238          257,604
2006                            37,465          265,130
2007                            36,834          273,276
2008                            49,958          319,741
2009                             63,846          373,535
2010                              82,724          471,291

Total 2000-2010   452,780        2,816,297

Total 2001-2005    162,508          959,506
Total 2006-2010    270,827       1,702,973
% Chg +66.7% +77.5%


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