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It is with great pleasure that we announce the “Talk Show of the Year” award given to Ruthie Hendrycks who hosts our own TS Radio show “The Ruthie Report”.  Ruthie received this award from Red State Radio that picks up her shows for airing on their channel.

Ruthie has been a diligent reporter on the sad state of affairs regarding the encouraged illegal immigration into the United States and the correlating rise in violent crime that has resulted.  Her reports also include the effects on the economy, the political aspects and the failure of the Federal government to secure the Southern border in defense of the United States.

Ruthie works continually with law enforcement on the border and fully supports our border patrol.  She has led several campaigns to free border patrol agents from prison who were sent there for doing their jobs.  She has exposed on numerous occasions the efforts of HSD, the Department of Justice, and others to construct fictional cases against our border patrol agents to appease the Mexican government.

Thank you to Red State Radio for recognizing Ruthie’s efforts and a big thank you to all of those listeners at Red State who voted for Ruthie.