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Our special guest today is Deborah Tavares who will be discussing:  NASA: The Future of War document. This document discusses the eventual replacement of human beings with total robotics, describes human beings as cumbersome and basically, unnecessary.

Also of great concern is the installation of massive numbers of cell towers and hidden antennas to be used for crowd and community control.  Go to and print out the location of all cell towers and hidden antennas installed in a 4 mile radius around you.  The majority of these are not there to make sure your smart phone works better.

That Smart Meter on your house is not there to conserve energy. Find out its real intent!

The documents’ main focus is streamlining and reducing the costs of  how to efficiently kill mass numbers of people using “fingerless” weapons such as low electromagnetic pulses, smart dust explosives and a number of other high tech weapons that leave no traceable source.

From the NASA powerpoint presentation located on

Humans have taken over and vastly shortened evolution” according to NASA.

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