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Our biggest waste of money is Congress

Several of you have written me and said things to the effect that if I am so damn smart why don’t I tell you all how I would fix the national debt and reduce spending in the District of Criminals.  So, as my New Year’s gift to all of you, here is my idea of how to rid ourselves of massive amounts of national debt and reduce theinfo 2 mindless, pork laden spending done at our expense. It is not a full and complete list as this would require so much space and days of reading, that I am only highlighting three or four of the most wasteful, unconstitutional, pointless agency’s or programs.

And, no I do not think I am so smart.  I do however, think that I am highly pissed off that we allow this crap to continue.

How the Fed gets in your state

The one thing that must be understood is that the only way federal corporations who try to hide their true identity by masquerading as “Public service” or some other clever word exchange, gain access to your state is only by getting approval from your governor and directed to the corresponding agency within the state that will contract with them.  These are not laws as per the Constitution.  This is contract law and the ensuing contracting with the federal corporation attempting to gain entry into your state is a corporate business plan which has little to nothing to do with law or property rights.  These are contracts that can be revoked, and, these are business plans that should be rejected across the board.

The first order of business:

1.  I would close down and completely disassemble Homeland Security.  This monolithic monstrosity has nothing to do with national security, keeping you safe or any of the other idiotic jingoistic crap that issues from them on a daily basis.  The Economist published a wonderfully explicit graph  in September of 2011 showing the cash sink hole that is Homeland Security. 

Personally, I consider this the Homeland Domestic Terrorism agency.  This is what DHS does……it terrorizes, threatens, intimidates and harasses the American public in order to train them, force them or pressure them into complying with police state mandates and edicts.  Or, maybe you like being sexually molested trying to catch a plane.  Or, possibly you find being unlawfully stopped on a highway “checkpoint” for no other reason than they can, acceptable.

For those who disagree, please tell me how being subjected to naked body scanners, groped and felt up by poorly trained and otherwise unemployable individuals who many times take perverse pleasure in humiliating travelers with their invasive tactics, keeps you safe?  From whom?  From what?

Please note that TSA, Homeland Security, has not identified one terrorist or prevented even one supposed terrorist plot.  This agency costs US taxpayers a minimum of 660 billion a year to terrorize the American public.  The terrorists they are looking for is YOU! And you are being forced to pay them to do it.

Get rid of Homeland Security Terrorism Department and the savings would be 660 billion each year.  Now calculate that out over a ten-year period and see if you can keep yourself from blowing chunks!  And YOU are  paying for all of it!

Don’t worry! We have at least 17 other spy agencies that would continue to violate your right to privacy, illegally wire-tap you, read your email, collect information about you for no reason at all, who compile dossiers on absolutely every person in the country just in case they decide to prosecute you at a later date for having the wrong hair color or some other stupid reason.

We wouldn’t miss Homeland Terrorism one bit!  But we would save a huge amount of money that is squandered each year on this domestic terrorism organization.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

If ever there was a sick joke played on the American public at taxpayer expense, it is the creation and funding, with your tax dollars or money borrowed in your name, the Environmental Protection Agency.  This agency is a privately owned corporation.  It is owned by the federal corporation that masquerades as the federal government.

The Obama Administration proposed a FY 2013 budget of $8.344 billion for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.   8.344 BILLION to an agency that is privately owned but forcibly funded by taxpayers and which contracts with corporate interests against the public interest, for profit.

This is the same agency that gives gas and oil corporations free passes on the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act and numerous other laws meant to protect the public from the ill effects of unscrupulous corporations who don’t care if their activity pollutes your water or devastates the environment as long as they can rip and ship what was stolen from state and private lands and make a profit the attitude appears to be “screw you and the environment and your water too!”.  EPA is fine with all of that.

To even begin to list the assinine, stupid, worthless activities this agency engages in, not to mention the trespass of private property or telling private property owners that after trespassing their land they can no longer access what they own,  is because some useful idiot from the EPA claimed he saw a nine-toed green do-do frog on your land and they are endangered and now you can’t use and control your private property.

Three cheers for phony environmentalism!  Shutting down this pointless agency which will change its own rules and regulations to suit its current corporate partners needs will save the states and taxpayers 8.33 BILLION per year.  Now do your ten year projection on that one.

Here again, because this is a privately owned federal corporation it operates under the law of contracts and is not bound by any Constitutional restraints.  EPA is in your state because your state contracted with them and allowed them access.  Throw them out!

The Department of the Interior and the despised Bureau of Land (mis)Management

Where to start on this unconstitutional, wasteful, unlawful, illegal, collection of un-American, disgusting collection of testosterone oozing paid lacky’s is almost impossible.  President Obama’s fiscal year 2013 budget request is $11.5 billion.  This is money to steal the assets of the states, including land.

With the country collapsing under massive unrepayable debt, somewhere, somehow 213 BILLION dollars has been taken from taxpayers, borrowed in their name, so that the DoI can buy up 200 million acres of state and private land in the Western States and Alaska.

According to the DoI website:
Our Mission: Protecting America’s Great Outdoors and Powering Our Future

This would read more honestly if it said:

Stealing America’s outdoor resources, profiting from gas and oil contracts, huge profits from mining contracts. You can’t harvest your timber, but we will let China come in and clear-cut vast tracks of timberland because gosh darn it!  They give us truckloads of money to do it! Oh! and by the way…we are killing off all your wild horses and burros using flawed data, fraudulent scientific papers, fictional EIS (Environmental Impact Studies) studies, and because the courts will do what we tell them to do.  You don’t stand a chance against us because we are backed by some of the richest most corrupt corporations on the face of the earth and we love them!

The federal government is not supposed own any land other than needful buildings, insular possessions and territories they occupy outside the geographical USA.  As it is right now, the federal corporation known as the Department of the Interior and its sub-corporations claims to own an estimated 64% of all land west of the Mississippi.

According to the DoI site:

Interior programs will continue to generate revenue on behalf of the American people in 2013, collecting an estimated $13.9 billion in royalties, rents, bonuses and fees. These receipts are either deposited in the U.S. Treasury, shared with state and local governments, or used to fund natural resource development and conservation programs. In 2011, Interior collected $13.2 billion in revenues.

The royalties, fees, bonuses, rents and all income generated from business activities in each state belong to that state!  They do not belong to a federal corporation that is in the state operating under contract law and implementing their business plans.

These receipts are virtually all deposited into the US treasury with only a small fraction of the profits from leasing and mining, land theft, and drilling going back to the state that owned those assets.  If the DoI can generate 13.2 billion in revenues as they claim, and they can contract for profit with corporations against the public interest……why do we have to fund them at all?

This is an agency which should never have existed in the first place.  The states are far more able to effectively manage their resources, protect property rights, protect water rights and access, and to effectively manage their resources to benefit the state’s economy.  Some worthless desk jockey in the District of Criminals unlawfully empowered to rape and pillage the assets and land of the states is totally unnecessary.

To add insult to injury, the DoI is blowing 1.4 billion per year to remove, kill, send to slaughter and obliterate our wild horses and burros.  Guess who is paying for that abomination?


These are my top three most useless, pointless, costly, and totally unnecessary agency’s and programs.  I could have written for days on the elimination of non-governmental organizations that we fund so that they can make our lives a living hell.  And days more could be spent on the massive waste, fraud and pointless crap that congresses and presidents have squandered our treasury on.  All of this while they engaged in insider trading and profiting hugely and personally from selling out the American public to the highest bidder. This while they pampered themselves, voted them selves raises, gave themselves perks, and passed legislation they knew to be unconstitutional.  They don’t care!  As long as the money continues to pile up in their personal accounts they could not care less how much damage they do.

To hear congress complain about having to extend unemployment benefits to Americans who have no jobs while saying not one word about the 368 BILLION spent annually supporting an illegal immigrant population that I am supposed to feel sorry for, just makes my blood boil! Add into that 368 BILLION borrowed in our names to support a population that was encouraged to come here to displace Americans, the trillions it is costing the collective states to house, feed, educate and provide medical care for these same people who broke our immigration laws coming here and now proudly announce their intention to basically drive us out of our own country……and you can bet that I am highly pissed!

Government wasteful spending?

That is an understatement!  724 million a year to provide staff and perks for congress?  For what?  They don’t write the bills, claim they don’t have time to read the bills and basically spend their time just arguing over which of the two factions of this gross political and self entitled collection of do-nothings, is going to win the latest staged argument and who will make the most money from pork-barrel spending in their district.  And take a guess who pays for all of that!

The biggest waste of our money is congress itself.  After that you can line up the asinine agency’s and talking potato heads that head them up and just wipe them out.  Believe me, the only thing that will change is the debt will dwindle away, the states will become economically viable, and our lives will return to some sense of normalcy.

Happy New Year!


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BLM…..We got money to burn!


11.5 Billion in DoI funding so the fed can rip and ship your land