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The public could have fixed this problem in short order

If you ask most people what the so-called fiscal cliff was comprised of, most cannot tell you.  They have no idea.  If you ask most congressional members what it was comprised of, most will simply tell  you what their pet peeves were/are, and yet most haven’t the vaguest notion of what was supposedly about to befall us as a nation if we went over that non-existent cliff.

The end-of-year fiscal cliff was a carefully staged production where we were led to believe that the two factions of the one party system in the District of Criminals were going “balls-to the walls” in a fight over whether or not the wealthy should be taxed to help reduce the massive and unsustainable debt the Criminals had wracked up, or, should they just increase the taxes on the middle and working classes so that the wealthy could retain more of their wealth?

Here are some quick tips on how the US government has squandered billions, if not trillions on pointless, useless and totally worthless programs.

1.  63.4 Billion for 30,000 drones to spy on US citizens in US air space

Cut the planned purchase of drones meant for use in the US for spying without warrant and without any evidence of a crime:

2.     364 Billion  in reality each year to support illegal immigration on the federal level

3.    1.2 Billion minimally to pay for TSA annually

4.    The purchase and outfitting of roving surveillance x-ray scanners by HSD: And the cost of these 500 police state vans?

500 @ 729,000 each = 364,500,000. That’s on the low side.

500 @ 825,000 each= 412,500,00 million on the high side.

5 employees per van at an average government wage of 45,000 per year =112,500,000

Estimated Savings would be: 388,500,000

5.    3.4 Billion unaccounted for in HSD

6.    3.5 TRILLION unaccounted for at the Pentagon

7.    2.0 Billion per WEEK on illegal wars

8.    1.2 Billion Utah data collection center meant to be used to correlate all the surveillance gathered on legal, law-biding US citizens.

9.   213 billion slated for theft of land from the states and the

10. 1.4 billion spent annually funding the slaughter of our wild horses and burro’s by the corrupt and much despised Bureau of Land Mis-Management.


In an article by Josh Stearns over at Daily Kos: Five Things that Cost Taxpayers More than PBS

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting budget is about $445 million dollars. That’s less than $1.50 per person per year — or about one one-hundredth of one percent of the federal budget.

Here are five things that cost taxpayers more than public media funding:

1) The budget for military marching bands: $500 million a year
) The U.S. House of Representatives budget for office expenses, mail and personnel: $727 million a year
) Three Global Hawk Drones (which Congress is pushing for even though the Defense Department hasn’t requested them): $633 million
) The foreign tax credit that credits companies for any taxes they pay in other countries: $850 million a year
) Two days of the war in Afghanistan: $600 million

Do you need help finding places to cut spending?

Yet not one of these wasteful, useless, pointless, black holes that siphon trillions over all from our economy was even addressed!  Instead, the Criminals in the District argued over whether or not the wealthiest individuals should have to pay anything more than token taxes while middle and lower class individuals foot the bill for all the pet projects, ill-conceived programs, the trillions borrowed to pay for all the foolishness in the District, and to fund the unwarranted, unconstitutional, illegal and tyrannical crap that issues from this den of pit vipers and rats.

The Republican plan was to cut Social Security benefits….not the amount you contribute……just your benefits.  This would increase the amount the federal government can rape from the surpluses in SS.  The same amount would be coming in, but there would be a significant reduction in claims.  This stolen surplus would be re-designated as “new income” and then blown to cover up the massive loss of taxes that results from preferential treatment of the wealthy and corporations.

The Democrat plan was to increase taxes on the wealthy, at least on paper.  In fact, a whole new slew of hedges, loopholes, step-ups, step-downs, special treatments, deductions, deferments and other accounting gimmicks would have been enacted which would have in actuality reduced the marginal tax rate paid by the wealthy while making the middle and working classes think that they were finally contributing an equal and fair share.

If only that cliff was real

I think it unfortunate that the fiscal cliff wasn’t a reality…..and I mean that literally.  We could have herded the whole stinking bunch of corporate lacky’s, new world order sell outs, and generally immoral and unethical career politicians who have made fortunes off the backs of hard working Americans while legislating against them and in favor of their favorite big time corporate donors and wealthy individuals who were willing to pay for the protection of their chosen congressman.  We could have pushed them all over that cliff, cleaned house and senate and started with a relatively clean slate.

The really sad part of all of this is that a citizens committee could have cut wasteful spending, assinine programs, useless agencies, bloated staffs, self-serving perks, ended these pointless and illegal wars that have cost us not only our treasury, but the lives of so many who went to war thinking they were fighting for our freedom only to find out they were sent to clear out the indigenous people and secure their assets for some jerk-off global corporation.  What a betrayal.

Why we hate congress

We hate them because they exist as parasites on the country.  There is nothing that they do that does not have money attached to it.  If that money comes at your expense..too bad for you.   We hate them because they have dishonored our Constitution, and dishonored us as a nation.  They have created and passed unconstitutional tyrannical laws most of which serve to protect them from us!  They have stripped us of our honor as a nation and have been the vehicle for war and oppression around the world.

We may be in the last days of what was once a great and free nation.  But we will remember the names and faces of those who traded our sovereignty, who traded our honor and dignity, who sold us off as if we were nothing more than commodities to be bought and sold for their own personal profit.

We will remember each and every one of you.  You have no honor.  You have no morality.  And you would have a long way to go to regain any sense of value even as simple human beings.

If you do not like the fact that you are hated and despised by the public…….you have only yourselves to blame!


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