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Sociologist, Intelligence Collection and Analysis Methodologist


 “Second, Homeland Security is controlled by sociopathic homicidal maniacs who are also stockpiling ammunition to kill you using plans developed over the decades in elite evil think tanks and Pentagon high security scenario gaming rooms which produced Operation Northwoods and its clones.”


“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” (Attributed to CIA Director William Casey during his first staff meeting.)

When my brother and I were the ages of some of the children shot at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut my parents were raising us to be pacifists and do nothing if someone hit us. That lasted until the son of a Minister beat up both of us and threw my brother and me into an open sewageGun-Control-Works-Pictures-e1342051099803 ditch. After that we were told that we would receive a spanking if we did not win a fight.

Neither my Parents nor anyone else taught my brother or me anything about how to defend ourselves and win a fight. In the early 1960s when I was 13 my Father was transferred from a job in Ohio to Memphis, Tennessee where I was assaulted in school on a regular basis for being a “Yankee bastard.” I have intimate personal knowledge and scars of the consequences of not teaching your child how to effectively deal with violence.

I did not acquire any practical skills of self-defense until Basic Training in the United States Army. I subsequently acquired more advanced self-defense skills because of the areas of sociology I chose to specialize in. I have some practical understanding of the value that learning how to deal with both large and small scale violence can have. The most valuable skills I acquired are in the identification and use of improvised weapons.

The special tragedy of the success of all these mass killings is that, unless you are physically paralyzed or restrained, you are never defenseless. Your ignorance, stupidity and inaction may get you killed, but at no time are you defenseless even when at a disadvantage. If you cannot think of anything else, the shoes on your feet can be thrown to distract a shooter. If you are in a theater with sixty other people and someone starts shooting, that is 120 shoes the shooter would have to dodge while those closest to them could take them down and disarm them. As President George Bush demonstrated for the entire World at his December 14, 2008 Iraq Press Conference, you cannot stay focused on lying, or doing anything else, when you have shoes flying in your face.

The security protocols used by the Staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School were good as far as they went. When an incident was declared, the doors that could be locked were locked. The security problems that remained and resulted in the tragic deaths of the Staff and students were the lack of fire arms in the possession of the School staff and the absence of training for students to participate in their own collective defense. If I were designing a security upgrade, I would include adapting squad tactics to train the children to throw their shoes and any other loose objects in the room at any shooter who entered while the teacher is trained to tackle the distracted armed intruder. Once the intruder has been taken down by the teacher the children should be trained to follow the teacher’s instructions to help restrain the shooter until Second Responders arrive (police and emergency services).

Referring to police, firemen, and emergency services as “First Responders” are social and political myths that help perpetuate these tragic outcomes in mass shootings. The true “First Responders” are the people present when the incident begins. The general public needs to begin thinking in terms of themselves being the “First Responders” in any such crisis they encounter. It is the collective action or inaction of these true “First Responders,” the intended victims, that will determine if and how many of them will survive the shooting.

No professional politician is going to tell you this is necessary or do anything to implement a program to teach the public collective self-defense skills. No politician in Washington or your State Capital gives a damn about whether your child is killed or not. Commander-in-Chief Obama routinely orders the drone execution of women and children all over the World without shedding a single tear. The only value your child has to them is how much money they can be used to generate for the State’s economy, generate for their political backers and what issues children can be exploited to invoke in the next election.

I was present at an Arkansas Legislative Hearing designated to reform the child protection system. With my own ears, I heard a State Senator instruct the head of the Department of Human Services to ensure that when the reforms were completed there was no reduction in the number of Federal dollars generated for Arkansas by the Division of Children and Family Services. If a career politician puts his hand on your back, he is attempting to grab either your wallet or heart strings. If a career politician hugs you, he is attempting to grab both your wallet and heart strings.

If your children are faced with a shooter situation, they will do what they have been taught. If you teach them nothing, they will do nothing, panic, freeze, and likely die. If you teach them to cluster behind their teacher so that all of them are sitting ducks for the shooter and a single bullet can injure or kill multiple people, that is what they will do. (This particular tactic is the product of boneheaded stupidity and completely devoid of any military tactical knowledge.) If you teach them to scatter and fight back with improvised weapons, that is what they will do. Practicing this can be added to the list of school safety drills to ensure children know how to execute this tactic.

No one wants to think of anything bad happening to their child, let alone sit down to consciously contemplating as parents every bad thing that could happen so you can decide what your child needs to be taught about how to deal with each contingency. Unfortunately, we live in a time when there are even elitist and Machiavellian nut bars with access to government power acquiring means and creating opportunities to kill both children and adults they believe no longer have a right to live. An additional impediment is that few adults have any idea what to do themselves in all the possible bad scenarios. My parents could teach me nothing because they knew nothing themselves about how to deal with the types of violence I encountered over the course of my life. Parents may find bliss in the ignorance of refusing to deal with this problem, but it will not keep your child safe and alive through every situation they may have no choice but to deal with.

I understand the importance of being taught how to deal with violence because no one ever taught me a single thing as a child. I learned this from painful personal experiences and injuries until receiving effective instructions in Army Basic Training. Learning that you have the ability to use lethal force if necessary to defend yourself changes your mental balance of power map when you encounter hostility. It prevents your brain from locking up in fear mode so you can think clearly and determine the best solution to the situation you find yourself in.

No politician, mental health professional, or social worker is going to do anything effective to teach your children actual survival skills because they all benefit from their survival skills ignorance. Unlike our Founding Fathers who included a community-based militia and the right to keep and bear arms in our Constitution, mental health and social work professionals have no understanding of the vital role disciplined violence plays in sustaining civilization. Politicians, and their elite backers, want members of the general public to be easy to kill and living in fear so they can be controlled and manipulated. If you are a Homeland Security Administrator stockpiling ammunition to begin executing people yourself, the last thing you want is to be teaching anyone they can resist violence by acting together. Their agenda does not include children growing up with any ideas that they have effective power to resist being victims of violence by working together.

Politicians are obligated to their campaign contributors and special interests who all exploit children for economic gain and need them to stay just as ignorant and vulnerable as they are now. Mental health and social work professionals also exploit children for billions of dollars annually. None of them would benefit from children being taught that they can defend themselves if they have to.

We must do everything we can to protect both our children and ourselves from becoming victims of mass killings, whether it is a deranged, psychopharmaceutical drug disabled, or mind control programmed individual shooter or a death squad operating under color of government authority. We should make our schools secure and arm the staff. We should also teach our children all of the skills they will need to deal with the violence they will face in the world when we are not with them. In case you have not figured it out yet, you cannot protect your child from every act of violence, the best thing you can do for them is teach them everything they need to know to defend themselves and deal with acts of violence in cooperation with their peers and adults.

It might be prudent for us to replace “See something, say something” with “See something, do something” out of enlightened self-interest. There are two fundamental problems with calling Homeland Security for help. First, there is the “response time” delay for them and their various proxies during which you will be dodging or absorbing bullets. Second, Homeland Security is controlled by sociopathic homicidal maniacs who are also stockpiling ammunition to kill you using plans developed over the decades in elite evil think tanks and Pentagon high security scenario gaming rooms which produced Operation Northwoods and its clones. Leaving Homeland Security out of the loop may make you safer in the long run. Make your demands for truly effective action directly to your local school boards and do not accept any policies that continue to deprive your children of vital individual and collective self-defense training that should be incorporated into appropriate school safety drills.


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