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Dear congress-critter,

TRUTHOUT website documents the control Goldman Sachs has acquired over European nations by financial indebtedness using various scams resulting in imposed austerity: Infiltration of the U.S. government is also presented. Austerity  measures in the U.S. are already being discussed.
A link to an article identifying the IMF and the World Bank (operatives of Wall Street) as the largest sources of world poverty should be of interest. The IMF and World Bank rely upon the CIA to impose their exploitation upon indigenous citizens. Ref. KILLING HOPE by William Blum; CONFESSION OF an      ECONOMIC HIT MAN by John Perkins.

That the CIA is the operating arm of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) should be obvious. The     government has no financial gain from the above mentioned exploitation.  Numerous nefarious acts of the CIA operating against the best interests of  the U.S. including war-mongering and assassination have been alleged. The U.S. military is used to squelch any resistance.

That the CFR is the social facade of businesses and organizations to consolidate operations and eliminate competition is evident from their operation. That their organization is funded and controlled by Wall Street is unquestionable. (TRAGEDY AND HOPE by Carroll Quigley). That  interlocking directorships of major businesses as controlled by Wall Street and Rockefeller Trusts and Foundations has been known for decades. (ROCKEFELLER FILE by Gary Allen).

That every dollar of deficit  spending ($4 billion EVERY DAY !!! ) is hidden profit for the Federal Reserve BOG (with unidentified ownership assumed but assured to include Goldman Sachs and Wall Street banks) through the FRBNY (Federal Reserve Bank New York) using the auction accounts of Treasury securities has been presented. The mathematical conclusion appears inescapable. Ref. Federal Reserve Heist,   ..

Those funds that legally belonged to the government have assuredly been the funds that helped promote and finance the above cabal. Concealment of funds that belong to the government is a crime. Ref. RIP OFF BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE. Every action of the Federal Reserve for the past five years has been to protect Wall Street and international bankers.

And Congress proposes a National Budget that gives the cabal more trillions of dollars via National Debt and has the audacity to claim fiscal responsibility? GET REAL !!!!!

Deficit spending by the government is funding our own self destruction for the benefit of Wall Street.

Your  constituent,

John Doe
Hometown, USA

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