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Agenda 21 – The United Nations controlling your property

  • The United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century is a global plan for inventory and control of all resources, private property and humans. Congress, both Democrats and Republicans have endorsed this agenda that will ultimately lead to the eradication of private property rights and the sovereignty of the United States to the United Nations. Read more...

One Bay Area – Bureaucracies overruling your town, city and county

  • In 2008,  SB375 “The Sustainable Communities Strategy Bill” was passed.  This bill mandates that unelected “Councils of Government” and “Transit Authorities” create a regional land use and transportation plan that will if adopted negatively impact your local town, city or county.  Under the slogan, “Save the Planet”, these authorities will take your civil liberties and freedom to live where you want and force future generations to live in subsidized “stack and pack” crowded apartments near bus stops and train stations Read more…

Health Care – Government control of your life

  • The “Affordable Care and Patient Production Act” is law, verified by the Supreme Court, with more enforcement by the IRS each day.  Complex and costly, you already see it’s effects on your paycheck and on the notices that your employer has provided you. You will have your picture taken and your social security number recorded by you doctor and your Medical Records are now being sent to Washington. First, you must understand what it is and then what to do. Read More….

What is happening to your Health Care?

Cost and complexity

  • Health can now has 10 titles, 58 subtitles, 456 sections.  How will you understand that?
  • Healthcare now costs you more. Deductions are listed on your paycheck and reported on your taxes W2.
  • Your payment is enforced by the IRS.

No Privacy

  • Your health records are submitted to Washington by your doctor and hospitals and when in the Washington database they are exempt from privacy laws so the Government can automatically share your records without your consent.

You don’t control your care or what you provide

  • Patient Outcomes Board Can’t be sued or stopped
  • Requires you to pay for abortions No matter what your moral beliefs.


  • You and your doctors should be in charge.
  • Deduct your health care expenses Limit bogus lawsuits
  • Tax free health savings accounts
  • Coverage belonging to you not your employer.