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The fiscal cliff: How to screw ordinary Americans again

The stage show in the District of Criminals about the fictional fiscal cliff,  is in full production.  Democrats are busy agreeing to cut Social Security and Medicare to appease Republicans who have now “evolved” to the point where they will support [comprehensive immigration reform].  Both factions of the one party system are trying to rephrase Medicare and Social Security as “Entitlement” programs.  That word swap is really important.  If they can convince the general public that Social Security has somehow become a welfare program instead of an invested insurance program, it will be far easier to rob peoplerydencarrot.jpg of their retirement investments they have been funding all of their working lives.

The Republican faction has now decided that they just have to give in on immigration reform.  Neither faction of the one party system has mentioned enforcement of our laws which, as it turns out, neither faction is interested in.

Of course if you would allow the government to privatize your Social Security investments somehow that would be just peachy.  You could throw at least a portion of your SS taxes into the black hole that is Wall Street and then watch it disappear into the pockets of the thugs and thieves who robbed the country blind in 2008 and 2009.  In the interim, we can stand by and watch as our retirement investments are doled out to illegal immigrants.

In that sense, Social Security has become an entitlement program.  If you are here illegally, and if you can prove you worked here a minimal amount of time even under a false identity, you can collect from Social Security.

GAO report

“Under the Social Security Act, all earnings from employment in the United States count towards earning social security benefits, regardless of the lawful presence of the worker, his or her citizenship status, or country of residence. Immigrants [both legal and otherwise] become entitled to benefits from unauthorized work if they can prove that the earnings and related contributions belong to them. However, they cannot collect such benefits unless [or until] they are either legally present in the United States [hence the Administration’s Guest Worker Program], or living in a country where SSA is authorized to pay them their benefits. [Hence an SSA office in Mexico City] Mexico is such a country.”

Democrats sell out

The offer now has morphed into “carving out sections of Medicare”.  In other words…..the District of Criminals will collude to reduce your Medicare benefits, raise your rates and reduce quality of care and access.  This will be done to avoid addressing the actual problems with the program.  There will be no discussion on capping insurance rates, allowing negotiation of drug prices or of closing the “donut hole” that was created specifically as a gift to the insurance industry so that they could profit from selling worthless gap insurance.  There will be no earnest investigation and prosecution of fraudulent claims by medical industry providers of all kinds where services never rendered are added to billing, hospital bills are padded, and other fraudulent activities go on as “business as usual”.

The well-known fraud that occurs in Medicare by unscrupulous medical providers and suppliers along with other industry players has cost Medicare billions if not trillions.  Obamacare will add 540 billion in administrative, record keeping, data basing over the next ten years, to Medicare.
“Therefore, Obama’s commission may recommend a variety of tactics to strip the program: instituting benefit cuts, increasing the age in which benefits are received, and introducing a limited option for personal accounts. Also possible is the implementation of a tiny, ineffectual tax on the rich to give the illusion that everybody is making sacrifices.”

The upshot of all of this is:

Social Security is not only paying for wars, government expenses, and other non-related purposes, it is also covering the loss of revenues resulting from the welfare tax rates given to the uber wealthy and to fund illegal immigration, an activity that is bankrupting communities across the country.

Along with the admitted 2 billion per year paid out by the federal government to support illegal immigrants, each state is laboring under massive debt created by not only the failure of the federal government to enforce immigration, but also to secure the border. produced this state by state map showing the costs to each state for failing to act to protect its citizens from the flood of illegal immigrants.  Now, add all that to the 2 billion in federal funding.  Guess who is paying the bill to support illegal immigration?


With the country foundering in debt, the idea that the jackasses in the District of Criminals along with the president have decided the way to handle it is to bury us deeper by encouraging an increase in the flood of illegals, actually setting up a White House web page telling them how to go about obtaining social benefits that we will have to finance is unconscionable.

I for one have absolutely no concern for people who gained entry to the US by breaking the law.  These are NOT refugees.  These are not people fleeing poverty, genocide, famine or war.  They come mostly from Mexico, a very oil rich nation and one which is creating an average of 700 thousand new jobs each year.  I do not feel sorry for people who supposedly jeopardized their children by exposing them to the elements along the border.  What responsible parent does that?  I do not feel responsible for educating, housing, providing medical services or any other benefit to illegal immigrants.  I do not feel sorry for them or feel any obligation to them for their care and keep.

It seems strange to me that these same people along with immigrants from mid-eastern countries and the poor and impoverished from countries such as Somalia are dumped here, encouraged to come here and protected by our government once they are here.  The Latino’s openly express their hatred of us and those who come from other countries we are told, hate us.  So why are they so determined to get here?

We are told our lifestyles are too lavish and that we must pay a penalty for that.  Apparently the penalty is being turned into a third world sewer where everyone is impoverished and living in squalor.

As for the national debt, I do not consider myself liable for it.  I did not at any time ever agree to pay the debts accrued by the federal corporation.  Let those who created that debt, who profited from the corruption, pay the debt out of their own funds.  My senators and representatives did not have the authority to saddle me with a debt that was created by availing themselves of my Social Security investments and by their treasonous support of an invading population devoted to the destruction of the USA.

In my opinion, secession is not the answer.  We need to clean house and senate.  Get rid of career politicians and end the fictional two party system.  We need our governors to stand up and nullify any compliance with illegal Executive Orders which have no force of law except in the District of Criminals, insular possessions and territories, unless our governors AGREE to those orders.

We are being sold off and traded as nothing more than human commodities.  Our so-called government is so detached from us that we can no longer trust them on any level.

Our strength is in our states and our sovereignty as states.  Revoke all corporate contracts with all federal corporation agencies.  Get the federal government out of our states and start conducting our own business within the constraints of the Constitution.