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The one party system at work….

The sounds of jaws dropping and hitting the floor across the country was never more audible than when the Republican party along with the talking potato heads at Faux News began promoting amnesty for 11 million immigrants who have entered the country illegally.  The post election flip-flop was predictable.  Rather than admit they canned a sure fire winner with Ron Paul in exchange for a corporate panderer that lacked any kind of personality but who would have continued the status quo without question, the GOP has decided that the problem must be those “Latino votes”.  None of this is even slightly surprising.

As a nation, we are about to be the recipients of one of the greatest screw jobs in the history of mankind.  The federal corporation, the one that we refer to as the “federal government” is in the process of negotiation between the warring factions of the one party system over how much amnesty will be given versus how big a hit social security is about to take.

The Democrat faction will cave in on Social Security as a trade for Republicans throwing their support behind a big giant amnesty bill.  The federal corporation wins and we, the public, will get screwed harder than a prostitute at Bohemian Grove.

While at least 67% of Americans oppose any form of amnesty or so-called [comprehensive immigration reform] those righteous jackasses in the District of Criminals continue on as if we were not out here.  For all intents and purposes…we aren’t.  It is these same career politicians who have actively worked to prevent the border from being secured or the active deportation of illegal immigrants back to their home countries.

Deportation is sighted often as “cost-prohibitive” and yet not one of these pathological liars and thugs ever mentions the 2 billion + it costs the federal corporation (taxpayers) each year to support illegal immigrants.  Not one mentions the costs to each individual state for social services benefits and free medical to illegal immigrants.  California for instance, spends about 14.5 billion per year supporting its welfare population of illegal immigrants.  I believe the federal and state combined billions would buy a lot of plane tickets with money to spare.

Cutting Social Security

The big behind the scenes trade-off is this:  Republicans will support Comprehensive Immigration Reform (amnesty) and agree to leave the border open and unsecured so that the flood of immigrants continues unabated.  In exchange, Democrats will support Republican efforts to cut Social Security.

The first cut to Social Security will be this:

The Petition Site

Between now and the holidays, the President and Congress are considering a deal that would change Social Security cost of living increase calculations and lower benefits by $112 billion in the next 10 years alone.

Here is how this would really shake out.

In 2011, even with the economy severely tanking, Social Security produced a 63.9 billion SURPLUS.  That was 63.9 billion that the federal corporation immediately seized to fund their wars and pay for crap that makes all of us sick.

By lowering benefits by 112 billion over ten years, they have simultaneously increased the amount of surplus available for theft.  Never have they mentioned cutting spending for their ill planned projects which would benefit all of us.

How this would affect the deficit

There is no intention to cut spending for any reason that pertains to the health and well being of the public in general.  Deficit spending is literally, spending money you do not have.  Since Social Security DOES NOT affect the national debt and DOES NOT cost the federal corporation any funds, the object is to maintain FICA taxes or increase them while lowering benefits.  The withholding of funds to claimants will make billions more available to cover some of the out of control spending in the District of Criminals.  Deficit reduction is accomplished by stealing more funds from Social Security.  It does not mean the national debt will be reduced.  It just means that some of the crap they shove down our throats will be financed to some degree by stealing our SS investments.

This is not a plan to end Social Security, but it is a plan on how to avail themselves of more of our investments in the system.  Social Security is prohibited by law from running in deficit.  In other words they cannot spend money, even for claims, that they do not have.  Social Security cannot borrow money in the event they do run short of funds.  But!  Social Security can force the federal corporation to borrow money to make good on all the IOU’s left in lieu of funds stolen by the federal corporation.

Those unfunded liabilities are an intra-governmental liability which simply means it is a debt run up by unconscionable politicians within the government.  There was never at any time any intention to repay the stolen investments in Social Security. Instead, they will cut benefits without ever cutting FICA taxes.  This will keep the SS Cash Cow alive and well so that the milking of your retirement investments continues on.

Is it Christmas yet?

We just had Thanksgiving.  Usually, those fat cats in the District of Criminals are no where to be found.  As an indicator that all of this was planned long before the election and that none of it was spontaneous or spur of the moment, plans to cut Social Security cost of living, and the flip flop on illegal immigration have already made front page news.

These plans were on the table before your turkey was.

We are in desperate need of some sort of national security system.  As a nation, we need to be safe and secure and defended from the federal corporation.