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The View From Montana 

Elena, View from Montana radio show host, joins TS Radio this evening to talk about the theft and sale of her property as a result of her suing to stop Agenda 21 zoning in her county.

“The Commissioners have seized my property and will sell it in the near future. The message to other citizens of this County is that your protests will be met with similar litigation.

I challenged the GTL Zoning Regulations in the District Court. Rather than the County Attorney, the Commissioners hired two outside law firms to litigate the case. The Commissioners Answer to the Complaint acknowledged that there was no petition and that the Zoning Regulations were adopted consistent with provisions of the County Zoning Act. The Commissioners Counterclaim accused  me of being a “vexatious litigant”.

After fifteen months, District Court Judge Larson, held that the Commissioners had adopted the zoning regulations consistent with the County Zoning Act, that I was a “vexatious litigant” and that I would be required to pay the Commissioners legal fees, $16,200.

I filed with the Supreme Court a Notice of Intent to Appeal the District Court’s Order. While awaiting the transcripts, the Commissioners seized my land at Georgetown Lake and will be selling the land at a Sheriff’s sale, November 27, 2012. The Constitution provides the people the right to seek redress of grievances in the Courts without excess delay or costs. Montana statutes provide that decisions of the County Commissioners may be appealed to the District Court. The voters of Granite County chose not to be guided by the provisions of the County Zoning Act. Despite all these factors the Commissioners chose to litigate the Complaint. Because I could not afford an attorney, I filed the Complaint as a pro se litigant.

It is in their interest to litigate against public protesters and apparently there is no limit to the extent that they will go to silence public protest.”


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