Heather Gass


Here’s a bit of hope for those who are on the front lines here in California.  We may not be able to save our own state, but the rest of the country is watching us and hopefully they will save themselves.

A few weeks ago I was asked to brief a handful of legislators from another state about Agenda21 and what is happening here in California. I won’t mention which one because I don’t want to compromise their efforts to fight this cancer from taking over their own state. They asked me to brief them so that they could be prepared for what might be coming their way. The fact that another state is interested in learning about this issue and how it is being implemented in California gives me hope. They were so blown away by what they heard that they scheduled another briefing. The second briefing was given by me, Sheriff Lopey from Siskiyou and Ken Delfino a City Council member from Colfax.  The briefing was attended by almost 60 state legislators, city and county officials as well as sheriffs.   This gives me hope that our fight here in California will not be in vain. This gives me more reasons to fight to expose Agenda21.

Ken Delfino, City Councilman from Colfax kicked off the briefing. He discussed how he learned about Agenda21 in his community and how he and his fellow Council members refused to go along with the regional communitarian plan being pushed by SACOG (Sacramento Council of Governments).  His town also passed an anti-Agenda21 resolution and continues to oppose it and any other attacks on private property rights and individual liberties.

Sheriff Lopey then followed and spoke about the plight of the rural folks up in the Northern part of our state. He explained how the spotted owl decades ago was the beginning of the devastation of the livelihood of the communities in the North by the extreme environmentalists. His County has since suffered unrelenting attacks on private property rights and now the very life blood, water is being used as a tool to put the final nail in the coffin for his community. He and other sheriffs are fighting together to save their communities. He and fellow Constitutional Sheriffs stand as a beacon of hope for not just the people of the northern part of our state, but the rest of the country.

Then it was my turn. I spent my time connecting the dots for the legislators by explaining how the plans for the rural areas relate to the Sustainable Development plans for suburbs and cities.

The meeting lasted almost 2 hours. In the end we took questions and that was it.

I’m telling you all of this, because many of you are so dejected after the election that we all need to know that our efforts are making a difference. Maybe not here, but somewhere else people are paying attention and are heading our warnings! This is why I fight………………..

God bless America and those who care enough to speak the truth and defend her from enemies both domestic and foreign!

Do NOT give up the fight!