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Linda Kincaid, Elder Advocate, California, will co-host this show.

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Back ground: Gary Harvey

In 2006, Vietnam era veteran Gary Harvey sustained a traumatic brain injury from a fall down the stairs in his home.  The injury left Gary in a semi-vegetative state, requiring assistance with all activities of daily living.   Gary’s wife Sara wishes to bring Gary home and care for him.  Sara has the necessary training and equipment in her home to provide the care Gary needs.

Rather than allow Gary the best quality of life possible and the companionship of family and friends, Chemung County keeps Gary isolated.  Chemung County DSS made numerous unsubstantiated accusations against Sara.  As a result, the court gave guardianship to DSS.  Chemung County DSS rapidly depleted Gary’s assets and denies what simple joys he might still enjoy.  Gary’s days are spent alone in a hospital bed, isolated behind a closed door.

Shortly before Chemung County exhausted Gary’s assets, St Joseph’s Hospital Ethics Committee recommended terminating Gary’s life.  Chemung County DSS petitioned the court to remove Gary’s feeding tube and allow him to starve to death.  Sara went to the media, and Gary’s life was spared.

With Gary’s assets depleted, St. Joseph’s Hospital now bills Sara’s private medical insurance.  In 2011, the bill was over $900K.  Sara believes that if she objects or cancels the insurance, Gary’s life will again be in danger.


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