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The Ways of our Lives…….

The election is over and no one is surprised or even excited about the outcome.  We already knew Obama was the pre-selected winner regardless of how anyone supposedly voted.  It is ironic that Republican voters are now feeling the anger that Democratic voters felt when they watched the 2000 and 2004 elections rigged for Bush the Dolt.  Apparently, vote fraud is ok if you are on the right, but quite hard to endure when it comes from the left. No matter, walking into the voting booth was an exercise in futility…..we already knew Obama would get four more years.  That was the plan and it was the plan all along and nothing, not even your votes, was going to change that. The scripted stage shows we call debates revealed nothing of any real interest to the public.  The absolute silence from Romney on subjects such as:

The TSA molestation of travelers,

The coming UN Small Arms Treaty meant to by-pass the 2nd Amendment,

The LOST treaty which will cede all of our rights on the open seas,

The growing police state here in the US,

The unconstitutional NDAA,

Ending the Czars offices which were unlawfully created, and,

Not one hint of the mountain of executive orders, written not as president of the United States, but issued as Chief Executive of the corporation operating as “The USA, a.k.a. The United States of America”.

Ultimately, this is what both men were fighting over…….who would be the new Chief Executive of the Corporate United States.

The truly sad part is, that all of these things mentioned along with many other anti-American, anti-sovereignty, anti-freedom policies would move forward regardless of whom we supposedly elected.

The American public, now more politically savvy than at any other time in history, was well aware that nothing of any real importance to them was being talked about.  In fact, for all intents and purposes, these men were not actually even speaking to us; they were simply discussing what each of them would do to increase the size and power of the federal corporation.

We, the public, were not even a consideration.

During the election season, I watched as the Republican party paraded the greatest line of bafoons, clowns, philanderer’s, liars, corporate suck-ups and un-electable “candidates” in history. What stung Republican voters most was that those who were appearing publicly as candidates represented the top of the Republican party.  These were the people who were at the top of the heap? These were the best of the best?

Many were shocked at the low-level of character, morals and ethics embodied in that line-up and many truly believed that the GOP had a secret candidate that would blow the lid off the election; one they would bring out at the last-minute that would save the day……and they did.  They just did not want him to obtain the office of president.

They had one real shot at taking the presidency and most likely both houses of congress if they had supported Ron Paul. But, Paul could not be depended upon to follow orders from the men “behind the curtain” even though he could have delivered the Republican party the greatest landslide victory ever recorded.

Many Democrats would have crossed the line and voted to put this man in office. Most Independents were solidly behind him.  But, as I have stated many times in the past:  No one wanted Obama to serve a second term more than the GOP did.

Instead, the GOP along with the talking vultures at Faux news, and other well-known political hacks who are equally notorious for their lack of even basic social graces, denigrated, marginalized and rejected this candidate.  Why?  He was not a corporate player.  He wanted to be president of the United States, not the Chief Executive of the federal corporation.  He actually wanted to make real changes that would not only have cut the debt, but would have ended many of the police state activities, would have ended the Department of Interior (thank god) and would have turned us away from the oncoming United Nations take-over of our country.

The fact that the GOP along with their cohorts in the media actively and with a vengence rejected the very candidate that was most popular with the public at large, who could have delivered them a solid and mind-blowing victory, but instead gave them Romney, speaks volumes about the one party system.

As the GOP spins

We are witnessing the internal implosion of what was once a major political party.  Already splintered by the Tea Party movement, a further separation was caused by the rejection of Ron Paul. Republicans across the country got the message loud and clear.  This election was not about them, not about the survival of our country or maintaining our freedom.  This election was not about homophobia, abortion, insane religious beliefs or any of the other pointless and inane issues used in the past by the GOP to incite the mindless masses that comprised their base.

It was and is, simply about greed, power and maintaining the status quo.

To try to revive the mass hysteria present in the GOP during the Bush years, the abortion issue was revived, along with an attempt to paint gay marriage as some domestic bogey man who was going to “destroy the nuclear family”!  Like those of us in that category have not done a fine job of destroying the nuclear family without any help from gay people.  Still, no one who is crying hysterically about the evils of gay marriage can actually tell you how this destruction would be accomplished or how one thing has anything to do with the other.  But it sure fired up a sector of the base!

Then of course was the religion card.  We had one candidate who is obviously a Muslim, and another who believes a man on another planet is god and that his magic underwear will save him from harm.  While these two candidates carefully avoided the issue of religion, Israel continued its genocide of the Palestinian’s and they supported them. We continued to bomb and attack other countries and Obama’s Six Point Plan for global war was never mentioned.  While we are supposedly ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, neither actually said anything of consequence about the coming war of aggression against Iran.

In fact, neither candidate said much of anything worth listening to.  Now close your eyes, and just imagine what those debates and the election would have been like had Ron Paul gotten the nomination and been elected to the presidency of the United States.

Today would have looked entirely different to us.  There would have been real hope for a positive change and the rats would be fleeing their political ships giving us at least a fighting chance to turn our country around.  Which is exactly why Ron Paul would have most likely met an untimely expiration had he been successful in his bid for the nomination.

The only positive thing to come out of this election is the demise of the GOP.  We can only hope the Democrat faction of the one-party system follows suit.

Where is my magic underwear when I need them?