Join Ruthie Thursday evening, October 18, 2012 at 8:00 CST!
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Many of you are familar with the Minutemen.  There is a renewed call to action and Al and Ruthie will be discussing what this renewed call entails along with some new information that has not been publicily shared with regards to intel.
This will be an informative show – you do not want to miss
From Al Garza:

We are  presently revisiting our Minutemen SOP’s which will reflect current dangerous conditions at the borders. As you are aware the invasion of  America has intensified therefore the call for reactivation of our Minutemen appears imminent. When that happens, we must be fully prepared spiritually, psychologically, mentally, physically and willing to die for our country.

In the past  our Minutemen have performed with sterling bravery and must be prepared to continue that legacy with a Judeo/Christian spirit de corpse.
Our mission  will no longer be to simply “Observe, Spot, and Report” but must be modified to meet the challenges which control our borders of today.

I will be  distributing more intel in the very near future. I ask everyone interested to please stand by and await further notification.


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