Bar-coded License Plates…just in time for per mile tax


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Bar coded car tags…….just in time for per mile tax

I recently had to renew my car tags for 2013.  Instead of new little stickers to be applied to my old plates, I got brand spankin’ new plates and new little stickers for2013The plates themselves are different too.  These are flat…no raised lettering or numbers and, come to find out, they contain a bar code which is also pinned to my new registration.  From what I have been able to glean from various sources, there is no need what-so-ever for there to be any numbers or letters at all on the plate; the bar code is embedded and anyone at all with access to a plate reader can scan my plates, log my location, track me where I go and right back home again.  All of this information can be kept for indefinite periods of time.  And they don’t need any other reason for doing it other than …they can!

According to the the official State of Minnesota press release (Aug 28, 2008) states that the redesigned plates include black lettering which is suppose to be easier to read, and includes a bar-code that according to them “can be scanned for inventory control and record keeping”.

Q: What inventory is it that the State is referring to?

Q:  What records are they keeping?  And why?

TSA Wasn’t enough?

With TSA now interferring with our legal right to travel freely, un-accosted by criminals, thugs, and other government employees, this per mile tax is the next step in the UN Agenda 21 Sequestered Populations plan. Many people will be forced into highly populated sequestered areas as a result of the additional costs and the refusal to comply with surveillance. What is at work here is the systematic creation of plans meant to make it so difficult, so invasive for you to travel…you won’t! You’ll stay right in your little center like you are supposed to.”

This new plate program was actually implemented in 2008.  Rather than risk an episode of pitchforks and torches, the State has been gradually exchanging the new coded plates for the old standards as the 7-year cycle on individual personal vehicles comes due.  On the 7th year, new plates are always issued.  This is a stealth operation so as not to stir up the villagers! More

Rosa Koire “Behind the Green Mask of UN Agenda 21”


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