Marti Oakley


About those scripted presidential debates

Is there anyone out there who is actually anticipating the presidential debates? I am at a loss to find more than a handful of people who even express any interest in the upcoming election. In fact, I ran an in house poll asking people to answer this question, which at this point, 315 people have responded to.

Will you vote in the presidential election?

* Yes, I always vote! 10.48 % (33 votes)

* No, I can’t support any of these candidates. 33.33% (105 votes)

* Yes, I always vote to support my party. 2.54% (8 votes)

* No, I won’t support either of these partys. 37.48 % (118 votes)

* What’s the point? An illegal will probably vote using my identity. 10.16% (32 votes)

* Other 6.03% (19 votes)

I believe my poll is most likely more reflective of the common mind-set. I didn’t ask skewed questions. I didn’t ask only those who are registered in my party (because I don’t have a party affiliation). I just asked anyone who took the time to answer the poll the simple question posed above.

About those debates…….

Does any one out there really believe anything of any substance will be discussed in the upcoming debates? Do you think there is a snowball’s chance in hell that either candidate will go anywhere near these topics?

* Repealing the National Defense Authorization Act which calls for the indefinite incarceration and even summary execution of American citizens if they disagree with government?

* The ending of the “Czars” offices, the illegal creation of offices for non-elected individuals who for some reason have been given the power to dictate various aspects of our lives?

* Making an actual and sizeable reduction in the size of the federal government, i.e., the number of federal employees?

* Shutting down the TSA, the epitome of government police state agencies?

* The funding of Agenda 21 or the implementation of Agenda 21 in the states to end private property rights.

* Or, getting the US out of the United Nations.

Not a chance. Instead, each candidate will present the other with a list of agreed to questions, and an agreement on which things will not be discussed.  This list above is not meant to imply that these are the only things that are on our minds.

The “moderator” will work from those previously agreed to lists and will try to make it sound as if those questions were originated by them.

Only soft questions allowed……

There will not be one thing of substance, not one thing of actual concern to the public, not one thing that actually has any bearing on anything that worries any of us. Instead we will be treated, (if we even watch) to a dog & pony show …. and neither the dog nor the pony will say anything remotely important to the majority of us.

Regardless of how this turns out, not one thing will change. The corporate takeover of our government will roll on. Homeland Security (Homeland Terrorism) will be expanded and more of our rights and protections will disappear as this modern day Gestapo is enlarged.

The NDAA will stay in force, along with all the Executive Orders that have no force outside of the District of Criminals, but will be enforced in the states as if they do.

Our elected officials will continue to sell us out to the highest corporate bidders and we will see our land and other resources traded away for the expanding personal financial portfolio of those same officials.

The number of individuals in our communities willing to turn on us in favor of employment with the federal government, will continue to rise.

These so-called debates are only a side show meant to make us think that we actually have a say in any of what our government does. If the past 12 years have not convinced you that the greatest threat we face is emanating from inside the District of Criminals, I really don’t know what would convince you.

It appears to me that the proverbial “line in the sand” has been drawn and now we need to decide which side of that line we are willing to stand on and how far are we willing to go to preserve our country? It appears obvious to me that not only is there no real interest in electing another NWO puppet, but even less in participating in another staged election where we are forced to choose between puppet # 1 and,  puppet #2.