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Linda Kincaid will co-host this show.

Our guests tonight are Diane Wilson, daughter of Dorothy Wilson.  Jim Fargiano will also be joining the show.

Dorothy Wilson died of loneliness and despair after being put under a guardianship and isolated by a predator guardian.  Once inside Bristal Assisted Living, Dororthy’s estate was billed $53,000 for one month.  Then on to Meadowbrook where she was isolated from family and friends. Next came Maria Regina Nursing home after Dorothy had an unnecessary surgery.

During these events, Dorothy Wilson’s home was mortgaged, her personal possessions given away to those who cooperated with the predator, her car included.  Abuse was documented, as well as the failure of the predator to provide required financial reporting documentation to the probate court.

All of this was reported to the New York State Judicial Commission, a commission which did absolutely nothing to protect the life of Dorothy Wilson.


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