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With Guest: YODA – for a very important show regarding the chaos currently taking place around the world and what it could  mean for OTM’s and illegal aliens potentially entering the United  States thru our unsecured southern border.
As we already know terrorists are entering the United States thru Mexico this was confirmed by DHS Janet Napolitano stating “terrorists enter  now and then”.
We know that three alleged terrorists were arrested in Mexico  recently and handed
over to the US and we know that terrorists are in Mexico.
—– With all WE know … do you think that this Administration and DHS have taken
the necessary precautions with the current violent instability being shown overseas?
Yoda is the pen name of a founding member of the Magnified View.
He has worked closely with counter-terrorist operations around the world for decades
and writes, on the record, for the MV.
He works closely with U.S. and allied intelligence, military and law enforcement agencies providing comprehensive, counter terrorism strategies, tactics, training and consulting counter terrorist subjects. He comes with decades of experience in combating crime and fighting terrorism.
For his safety and security, his identity will remain undisclosed with the general public.
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