Marti Oakley



No real debates from “Obomney”

How many times are we going to have to hear the pointless arguments about which faction of the one party presidential race is going to create jobs (we know they can’t) or which has a better economic plan (they don’t’) or who has a better foreign policy (who are we going to attack next)?  Not one of these issues is important as not one  addresses the actual concerns of the American public which is being asked to cast their vote for one of two political con artists whose personal agenda, private allegiances and alliances, and political monetary obligations likely has nothing to do with what the country needs.  Either way, the subjugation to the UN, the reducing of the US to third world status and the headlong stampede into fascism as corporations wrench final control of the US government away from the country, will continue as planned.

We are a country in the midst of a nearly complete transformation that will render us anything but a free people.  The US corporation that operates as the federal government in the District of Criminals determined that we, the people, were the greatest enemy they faced.  The false flag attacks on 9/11 were what Dick Cheney and his PNAC conspirators hoped it would be, the New Pearl Harbor…..the needed excuse that would be used to bring to an end, finally, to our Constitution including its bill of rights and to our freedom.

Any hopes that any one might have had that the Obama administration was going to repeal, correct and mend the damage done by the Bush/Cheney crime administration were quickly dashed as Obama showed himself to despise and hate us just as much as the neo-cons did and still do.

Nothing of substance in those debates

While the so-called debates seem never-ending, the lack of any substantive conversation on the issues, at least any that has any relevance to the public, is glaringly obvious.

There is no discussion of the growing big-brother surveillance system including spy drones and now the smaller bug sized drones that can actually land on you, snap your picture, record your conversations and collect all kinds of information about you and where you are located.

Not a peep about the Fusion Centers operating unconstitutionally in each state, nor the militarization of our local law enforcement agencies.

No discussion of the super secret spy center nearing completion in Utah; the center dedicated to logging all the information collected about terrorists…..which turns out to be us, the US citizenry.

Not a word has been said by either candidate about New American Gestapo (NAG) which calls itself Homeland Security and which spawned that collection of jack-booted thugs we call TSA.  I think TSA really stands for “Terrorists Stalking America” and is basically just a terrorist organization itself.

You won’t hear either one of these candidates mention Agenda 21 and the rolling assault on individual property rights or theft of land from the states by the federal corporation.

There will be no talk concerning the unlawful creation of the Czars offices costing taxpayers hundreds of millions per year, nor will either of them even mention the unlawful creation of the “Council of Governors” intended to replace state governors and legislatures.

Neither candidate will admit that the so-called global economy is just the systematic destruction and looting of economies around the globe.  It was all intentional.  Those who orchestrated these abject failures in economics of course walked away with the loot, while the common people suffer the losses.

There are so many issues of importance that the public wants to hear discussed, but will never hear a word about from either of these candidates. Instead, we are treated to fictional budget plans, promises of jobs creation (of course they never actually said those jobs would be here) and the continual blathering about foreign policy.  That policy from either faction appears to be comprised of “give us your country’s assets or we will bring democracy to you in a “Democracy=Death” kind of policy.

Nothing will change

In the interim, the federal machine will continue to spend like there is no tomorrow and to borrow us further into un-repayable debt.  The result of all this debt and overspending will be the enlarged portfolios and personal fortunes of the same politicians who created it as congress continues to profit from back room deals, insider trading, sweet heart agreements and the wholesale betrayal of the very people they swore to represent.

Both Houses of Congress will continue to operate as though we, the people, are of no concern and the supposed president will continue to expand his office as Chief Executive of the federal corporation.

This election is pointless in my estimation.  Aside from the “programmed for the desired result” voting machines, we have no real candidates to choose from. At least none that will work for “we the people”.

We are electing “Obomney”, the uni-party candidate.