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Early this morning, calls began coming in from England and France in support of RT & Terry Fitch’s impending trip to D.C. to deliver the letters to the president.  A large equine group in England is holding a prayer vigil for success.  The world is watching! 

Our Guest: R.T. Fitch

Visit R.T’s site: Straight From The Horse’s Heart

President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation, R.T. Fitch, will be joining us on the eve of his trip to D.C. to deliver over 12,000 letters, as of this writing, to President Obama asking him to declare a moratorium on the accelerated Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) roundups of federally protected wild horses and burros on public land.

Last month R.T. challenged the American public to write letters to the President asking him to stop the roundups so that an accurate accounting of horses on the range could take place and alternative management techniques could be applied.  In return, he and his wife Terry agreed that they would, personally, hand carry the letters to D.C. and ensure that they reached President Obama.
Virginia Congressman Jim Moran has offered to facilitate the delivery of the letters to the White House upon their receipt in D.C. and with his office’s backing the momentum for the campaign has blossomed to include the support and letters from Habitat for Horses, The Cloud Foundation and thousands of Americans.
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