For Immediate Release: September 12, 2012
Contact: R.T. Fitch, President WHFF, 800-974-3684
            Jerry Finch, President Habitat for Horses, 866-434-5737
Wild Horse Letters to the President Swell in Support
Equine Welfare Groups Join in Asking Obama to Stop the Roundups
HOUSTON, (WHFF) – Wild Horse Freedom Federation’s letter writing campaign to President Obama asking him to declare a moratorium on the accelerated Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) roundups of federally protected wild horses and burros on public land has been joined and now supported by Habitat for Horses (HfH) and the Cloud Foundation (TCF).
Last month volunteer president of WHFF, R.T. Fitch, challenged the American public to write letters to the President asking him to stop the roundups so that an accurate accounting of horses on the range could take place and alternative management techniques could be applied. In return Fitch and his wife Terry agreed that they would, personally, hand carry the letters to D.C. and ensure that they reached President Obama.
Virginia Congressman Jim Moran offered to facilitate the delivery of the letters to the White House upon their receipt in D.C. and with his office’s backing the momentum for the campaign has blossomed to include the support and letters from HfH, TCF and thousands of Americans.
“This started out as a campaign where an average American couple would bring the letters of other outraged tax payers to the President for review,” says Fitch,“but over the last month it has taken on a life of it’s own and shows exactly how upset and troubled the American public is over the destruction of the last, few remaining herds of wild horses and burros on their rightful lands.”
“Postcards, petitions and letters have been coming to the Cloud Foundation addressed to President Obama and pleading with him to stop the roundup of the last of the mustangs,” states Ginger Kathrens, Director of the Cloud Foundation, “We’re so grateful that Congressman Moran will bring the plight of our freedom-loving wild horses and burros to the President through these simple, heartfelt messages from adults and children around the country.”
“With slaughter seen as the ‘final solution’ for America’s wild horses,” added Jerry Finch, president of Habitat for Horses, “the need to place a stop on the roundups has become vital. We support everything R.T. has done and added the voice of our supporters to this trip. I will personally join in the delivery of the letters.”
The Fitch’s, along with Jerry Finch, will be keeping their promise to the public and to the supporting organizations by traveling to Washington D.C., at their own expense, Thursday, September 13th where they will deliver the letters to Rep. Moran who will then facilitate their delivery to the White House.
“We certainly appreciate the support of HfH, TCF, the office of Congressman Moran and all of the great people who took a stand and wrote letters to President Obama,” Fitch added.  “We are proud to be affiliated with such a great group of true Americans who, like us, hope and pray that the President listens to our pleas.”
Fitch estimates that they will be delivering no less than 12,000 letters and petitions to Washington D.C.
Wild Horse Freedom Federation (WHFF) is a registered, Texas non-profit corporation with federal 501(c)3 status.  WHFF puts people between America’s wild equids and extinction through targeted litigation against governmental agencies whose documented agendas include the eradication of wild horse and burros from public, federal and state lands.
Habitat for Horses (HfH)is a registered, Texas non-profit corporation with federal 501(c)3 status. HfH rescues equines from starvation, neglect and abuse. HfH provides equine rescue services to law enforcement, physical and mental rehabilitation, education services to horse owners and potential adopters, and provide opportunities to the public for fostering and adoption.
The Cloud Foundation (TCF)is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of wild horses and burros on our western public lands with a focus on Cloud’s herd in the Arrowhead Mountains of Montana.