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Join us this evening as Dr. Robert Fettgather discusses the situation regarding his son, David.  David was taken and forced into a group home for adults with disabilities.  David has been isolated from his family and friends for more than seven years with no real and plausible reason given as to why as he is now basically owned and controlled by the guardian.

Dr. Fettgather has battled the system for all these years just to get the right to visit with his son.

Visit the “Friends of David Fettgather” blog for more information.


Predatory guardian/conservatorships are not exclusive to the elderly with assets.  A vulnerable adult who is not elderly can be worth a fortune in Medicare/ Medicaid funding and from various state and federal grants and subsidies.


  • Robert Fettgather, Ph.D.  is the Clinical Director of Robert Fettgather PhD Associates.
  • He is a licenced clinical psychologist who has provided individual, couple, group and family therapy for adults and children for 20 years.
  • He holds a Ph.D in Psychology and Masters degrees in both Psychology and Special Education.
  • Dr. Fettgather has served as Special Consultant in psychometrics to the Departments of Education and Developmental Disabilities for the State of California.
  • He holds a specialist credential in learning handicapped and community college credentials in both learning and developmental disabilities.
  • The Institute for Personality and Ability Testing has certified Dr. Fettgather as a Stress Management Trainer, and Medical Hypnosis Seminars of the Los Gatos Institute has certified him in Clinical Hypnotherapy.
  • At Santa Clara University, Graduate Department of Education and Counseling Psychology, his studies included Health Education and Behavioral Medicine.
  • He practiced meditation for more than 20 years.
  • Dr. Fettgather studied religion and spirituality at the University of California, Santa Cruz and, because a majority of Americans state religion is very important to their lives, he often weaves his own personal beliefs into his psychological change strategies.
  • He is a member of the American Psychological Association,
  • the California Psychological Association,
  • the CPA Division for Public Interest, and
  • the Association for Addiction Professionals.


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