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GOP = Guppies on Parade

The GOP convention was like watching a room full of guppies; their mouths opening and closing, them swimming about mindlessly totally unaware of what what was going on right in front of them.  Their “convention” absolutely rigged against them, their speakers regurgitating the neo-con party lines.  The growing dictatorshipsepitome of the evening was the appearance of Condoleeza Rice, lynchpin of the Bush/Cheney crime syndicate that caused catastrophic attacks on our constitution and that started at least two wars of aggression and which began the wholesale sell-off of our national assets to foreign investors and governments.

The appearance of Rice, an undoubted signal that the neo-cons were going to return, should have cleared the room.  Any sensible person would have run for cover.  Any one who has a memory longer than a few days ago……would have cringed at the appearance of this woman, who claims to be a Christian, who helped twist and contort the privileges of the office of the president, who knowingly lied about WMD in Iraq, who used her office to oppress the people of the United States at every possible opportunity, who fully supported the corruption that was rampant in the Bush/Cheney crime syndicate….this woman was a featured speaker for the GOP.

Is anyone really wondering what is in store for us if Romney/Ryan wins the election? 

But we are talking about the GOP faithful here where no lie is too big,  and you can cover your treasonous intents by simply claiming you are a persecuted Christian and God is speaking to you and putting words of knowledge on your heart that only you can hear and decipher.  These words “from God” usually include attacking another country whose assets you covet, but who won’t give them up willingly.  Their people suddenly become our sworn enemies (God said so), their leaders may or may not be dictators…and even if they are, are they any less dictatorial or malignant than our own?  Either way….we’re going to take them out and seize the assets of the now conquered country and pass them out to our best corporate buddies.  I assume that since we are doing some “god’s” work, all of this is ok.

The GOP had a grand chance to sweep the elections if they would have supported the one member of their own party who could have taken the election by storm.  Ron Paul could have delivered the GOP the biggest victory in their history.  But, Paul would have tried to undo the massive damage done to our Constitution and our civil liberties, would have reduced the size of the federal corporation, and at least minimally restored our status as a free nation.  Apparently, this was not what God wanted.

Instead, we get another rich kid who has no personality and who is so detached from everyday people that it is uncomfortable trying to listen to him speak to them.  Most likely the only comforting thought he has about this is that if he should get elected, he will never have to be bothered with these commoners again.  This is a man who takes great pleasure in the fact that he got rich by screwing up other peoples lives.  Add in a VP pick, Ryan, who is like watching “Death Vader” Cheney rise from the ashes and the stage is set for another round of neo-con aggression against the country.

The rigging of GOP convention to prevent Paul delegates from registering their delegated votes was caught on tape.  Not one of the GOP faithful even blinked.  Obviously, God was putting a word of knowledge on their hearts that cheating and lying was ok with Him.  God must also want the most vicious and dangerous individuals to ever gain access to the Oval office to return so that they can finish the destruction they started.

The DNC Convention: Watching the suckers swim

The DNC convention will be no different.  It will simply be a collection of suckers.  Obama will promise more of his “changing of America” which will drive us further under UN control and towards the end of private property rights.  For some reason, our hard work, our successful communities and our quality of life (or former quality) are unfair to other nations.  The fact that we have been so successful, somehow an inequity.  It wasn’t that we worked hard, that we built our nation into a successful and prosperous nation….it was just that we were greedy and now we must be forced to divvy up what we built to nations who failed to provide the same opportunities to their own people.  The drive to force us into third world status will continue.

The party faithful will join together to listen to promises that will never be kept in most cases, and more on how the country will be parceled out because basically we are just greedy people who don’t deserve the fruits of our labors.

Waiting for the DNC convention is like waiting for another Titanic to hit an even bigger iceberg as  it begins its spiral downward.

The Obomney ticket

We could just shortcut all of this and run Obama and Romney together.  One ticket and these are the only people you can vote for.  There isn’t much difference in their intention, only in their methods of operation.  Either way, we get an ever expanding dictatorship, corporate takeover of our federal government against the people, theft of land from the states, reduction in Constitutional protections and rights, and the expansion of the ubiquitous “Homeland Security” administration which represents a threat to each and every one of us.

Illegal immigration will still be condoned and encouraged by the federal corporate masters and Muslims from the very countries we are warring with, the same people we are told hate us and want to kill us for our freedoms will be allowed to emigrate here if they are not plucked out of third world nations and just dumped here.

In the end, all either candidate or party will give us is an elite ruling class with the rest of us impoverished and subservient. We have no real candidates, at least none that have our interests at heart.

We are being given two sales pitches for the same end product.  Either convention, either party, we are simply guppies and suckers who keep taking the bait every four years.