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The month of August has been a huge record breaker for us and it just keeps getting better!  A special thank you to all our new listeners!  And, thanks to our regular listeners who keep tuning in for each broadcast! We appreciate your support!


Our guests today are two independent radio hosts, Trish and Sam Britton.  The Brittons operate a streaming news broadcast called “Liberty Radio” which is available on A.M/FM stations across the country and also operate a website and radio show called “Information Corner”.    Both Sam & Trish are blind and have developed their website to accomodate those who may have difficulty accessing information on other sites. 

This will be one of the most intensive high geared interviews we have done.  Sam & Trish are both extremely knowledgable about current events and extremely vocal. 



I am Patricia (Trish,) Britton.  The way I came into this knowledge that things were  horribly wrong in this country is that, while listening to Rush Limbaugh, I happened to start listening to shortwave radio in about 1997.  This was the time that I discovered that Rush Limbaugh wasn’t telling us anything near what was going on.  Anyway, I was listening to a show called “Amerikan Expose,” hosted by Chris Gerner, who is no longer doing radio at this time.  The link to his site is:  Chris was a great source of information at that time because he was reading United Nations documents on the air.  Than I started telling Sam about all I was hearing and that he needed to listen to this broadcast.  Around this same time, we had gotten our first computer as a wedding gift.  Finally Sam decided to bring Chris’s show up on the computer to shut me up……. and then he never looked back.
This started me on a long journey of web searching to find many documents, which I still have on my drive to this day.  This eventually led to  “The Information Corner” web site and broadcast.  Our web site is:
In addition, we run “Liberty Radio” which is a stream that can be heard 24 hours a day.  The stream is linked over at “The Information Corner” web site and is available to A.M. and F.M. radio stations accross the country.
This is just a short version of a much bigger picture.
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