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Join us this Sunday evening  as we continue documenting the trafficking of  the elderly who had the misfortune to age with assets.  Now the victims of predatory guardians, a vocation facilitated by corrupt probate courts, the victims are held in isolation, forcibly medicated while their estates are looted.

Linda Kincaid who is an Elder Advocate, will co-host this show.

This weeks guests:

Barbara Hollingsworth from the Washington Examiner.
Ms. Hollingsworth is one of the few journalists who have written about the elderly who have been kidnapped and imprisoned while their assets were stolen.
Too Often Death is the Only Way Out of Guardianship
Also:  Laura Francois-Eugene
I am the daughter of a woman illegally held in a guardianship in Washington, D.C. and am fighting for her freedom and to expose guardianship abuse.
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