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Guest: Jeanne Reid.

This will be an emotional, aggravating and disturbing account of yet another senseless loss of life.

JOE STORIE – another senseless life lost at the hands of an illegal alien. Jeanne says……… Joe was an All American – A Big Man with a Big Heart

Unlike many families that are forced to deal with the tragedy of the loss of a loved one and remain silent for a variety of reasons…………..

This family is speaking out… As Jeanne puts it “We will not Shut Up”

Joe Storie was a small business man in the Construction field.

And even though his business was negatively impacted and being undercut by cheap illegal labor… Joe would not hire illegal aliens.

Joe – a father of three – just wanted a better life for himself and his family but instead – he was murdered by yet another drunk driving illegal alien.

Please note he states he was here on an overstayed visa, however court records state nothing about a visa and instead list him as an illegal alien.

Tune in for an account of this tragedy, the reward being offered and a Family’s turmoil.


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