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I have been following the efforts by the federal corporation that operates under fraud as the “federal government”, especially in the area of waterWater rights, water access and water availability are seriously threatened by both factions of the political crime syndicate that is the federal corporation a.k.a., “the Federal Government”.  There is no such entity, only a massive and hostile corporation that is foreign and hostile to the states.

At issue now is our water.

Why ownership of the water is an issue

This last year saw the latest attempts to pass the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST).  LOST requires that all waters from any source whatsoever be under the jurisdiction of the federal corporation, otherwise the LOST treaty has limited or no effect.

As the LOST treaty has again failed to pass, as have successive attempts to legislate water to bring it under federal corporate control, congress tried to quietly ship the redefining of “navigable waters” into “Waters of America” over to the Environmental Protection Agency.  The EPA is a privately owned, for profit, corporation wholly owned by the federal corporation.  It is not a cabinet agency and is not part of the federal corporation that acts as the government.

The chronic attempts to redefine water ownership and control is hyped with the mantra that we are running out of water; that water is critically in short supply or is being misused because the federal corporation lacks control over all water from any source.  With this in mind, one has to ask,

“Why would you blow out 26,000 dams across the country and allow 70 to 80% of available water to flow unused and unsaved, out to sea?”

Rather than rebuilding or strengthening existing dams that hold back billions of gallons of potable water for use, the Army Corps of Engineers is planning on blowing them out of existence.  Cheered on by the lunatic fringe in the environmental movement that is controlled by the UN, activists cheer as water is released from reservoirs and flows away never to be seen again, into the seas and oceans.

While environmental groups, who clearly have no ability to think things through to their logical conclusion, cheer the release of rivers and streams chanting such idiotic things as “The river is flowing free again!” it never occurs to them that they may have just cheered their own future consisting of thirst.  These same idiots think that salmon populations are somehow more important than human needs.  If indeed there is a decline in salmon populations the solution to that problem is far too easy to comprehend: STOP FISHING!  The populations will increase.

But the issue of water is not about the salmon, or the rivers flowing free or any other environmental nonsense.  It is converting all water everywhere to be under the control of the federal corporation to facilitate the LOST treaty, and to convert even simple trade into federal commerce.

Since there is in actuality no critical water shortage, one has to be created.  This will be done by redefining what is federally controlled water, and, by emptying reservoirs and other water reserves.  No dams will replace those blown meaning that all water in that river or stream will disappear into oblivion while your water is rationed.  All of this just in time for the installation of SMART Water Meters which will drive your water bill through the roof.

And yes I am well aware of the drought that occurred this year.  It isn’t a mystical happening……it isn’t some phony global warming event……they call it “weather” and it occurs with regularity.  All the more reason to ask…….

“Why would they blow 26,000 dams?”

The key is in “navigation”

The following is a quote from “Lex Mercatoria” A Complete Code of Commercial Law.  the original was produced in 1795, and has been updated .

Commerce is that intercourse with foreign nations, which is carried on by one country to another by means of navigation, either for the exchange of commodities or for the sale or purchase of them, through the medium of money.  Commerce then has its basis in navigation and is supported by imports and exports, whereas simple trade may be transacted independent of these elements and commerce, and herein chiefly consists the difference.

At issue of course is “navigation”.  In order to control and interfere in all commerce, even in simple private trade, it is necessary to redefine the meaning of navigable waters to the all inclusive “waters of America” giving the federal corporation the authority to regulate and tax all trade of any kind.  It would also advance the notion that the government had the authority to force us to purchase or avoid products and services at its discretion.

This would also facilitate the terms of the LOST treaty and subject the states to foreign agreements and arbitration.  It would also affect the right to commerce of individuals within the states who could now be subjected to arbitration in international courts and tribunals, simply for engaging in private trade that might be viewed as an interference of trade by foreign entities.

“Nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

This phrase is contained in the Fifth Amendment of the bill of Rights but is rendered moot by the concept of “navigational servitude”.

The power to regulate commerce is derived from the power to regulate navigation.  Referred to as navigational servitude, this doctrine supposedly gives the federal government power over bodies of water on an individuals land.  If your property is subject to navigational servitude, i.e, can it be navigated for reasons of commerce if you chose to?, the courts decided that no taking claims existed because the right to regulate commerce belongs to the government and superceded property rights.

From: Florida State University 

Key Points:

Defined: The federal navigational servitude is an aspect of the sovereignty of the United States, grounded in the Federal Government to regulate commerce, entitling the government to exert a dominant servitude in all lands below the ordinary high water mark of navigable waters.

A navigational servitude relieves the Federal Government of the obligation to pay compensation for acts interfering with the ownership of riparian, littoral, or submerged lands.

The federal government’s dominant servitude may be asserted as a defense to a regulatory takings claim if there is a showing that the regulatory imposition was for a purpose related to navigation.

The navigational servitude does not extend beyond the high water mark.

Federal navigational servitude does not create a right to fish on private riparian land.

So why are they blowing 26,000 dams?

From the website KLAMBLOG

Second, while the parcel as a whole rule discussed above should defeat most taking claims, the federal navigation servitude can also render many takings claims inappropriate—so long as the dam is located on a navigable waterway. The servitude is a right held for the public in all navigable-for-title waters. In practical effect, it is an interest that permits the federal government to destroy private, state-recognized property rights for the benefit of public navigation without paying compensation for a taking of property.”

P.30: “Private title to submerged lands is subservient to the government’s interest in improving navigation. To require otherwise “would be to create private claims in the public domain.” The servitude applies to any government action that aids navigation. All dams in navigable waters therefore exist subordinate to the federal navigation servitude. As a result, Lucas’s background principles of property and nuisance prevent the dam owner from ever acquiring the right to obstruct a navigable water; there can be no taking of a right never possessed. Dam owners will not have a taking claim for loss of the physical dam structure so long as it is located on a navigable waterway.”

By striking the term “navigable” and replacing it with “Waters of America”, all water now comes under commerce as all water abuts or crosses land.  Waters of America would allow the taking of land, land use, and commerce totally away from the states and private citizens. This also prevents a takings claim for dam owners as “navigable” will simply be replaced with waters of America.  The requirement that the waterway be navigable is now moot.

So is your right to water.


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