Marti Oakley


Vote for “Obomney”!

Try as they might, MSM just can’t get the fire stoked under the 2012 election.  Few, if any at all, are remotely concerned with what will simply be the crowning of yet another internationalist/globalist/world economy talking head.  I do believe the American public is fed up with phony partisanship, fictional political divides and who can tell the biggest lies and still get re-elected or, elected for the first time.  Obama? Romney?

Let’s just call it “Obomney” and move on.

Either way we will see the continued assaults on our rights, the expansion of the federal government and its thug agencies as the march towards total de-construction of our country is completed.

MSM along with the fictional party’s are desperate to fire up the public.  They’ve tried everything.  As of today, the Romney tax returns are being used to try and elicit some kind of interest on the one side, while on the other they try to revive the Obama birth certificate issue.  At this point all I can think is…..who the hell cares?  God forbid there should be any actual dialogue about anything of substance.

Of course there are always the skewed and totally unbelievable polls that attempt to indicate one side or the other is ahead in the race.  Depends on which talking head is doing the talking at the time.

A jaded public

Usually, this close to an election the public is on fire and obviously divided between what they believed were two opposing and diverse political parties.  While there may be small groups here and there that still insist on believing this, the majority of the public has come to the common conclusion that if there are two political factions it is simply “them” against “us”……..and “us” is losing the battle.  “Them” being the criminal element in the District of Criminals and, “Us” being the public who suffers as a result of their many times, treasonous activity.

Neither pre-selected candidate has addressed one issue of importance to the public.

Not a word about ending the disgusting unconstitutional activities of TSA.

Not a peep about the Attorney General’s involvement in running thousands of guns into Mexico to be used against our border patrol and citizens.

Mum’s the word on the armed conflicts that have been started in Southern Africa by our government.

Absolute silence on Obama’s six-point plan for global war.

Obamacare still a major threat to the country.

The theft of land from the states by the DoI and BLM.

Protection of property rights.

Ending our involvement in the United Nations and outlawing Agenda 21.

The list of issues that actually concern the public is very long.  Yet MSM and the candidates refuse to address even one of these issues.  Instead, every effort is made to divert us to asinine issues like Romney’s tax returns.  Who cares?  No one.

A dud election

We have known for years that our elections were rigged.  Why we continue to waste our time stepping into a booth with the thought that somehow what we do there will change things, is beyond me.

The Romney/Ryan ticket is just the second coming of Bush/Cheney.  Romney, another rich kid who thinks its funny to destroy other peoples lives so he can profit is about as likeable as Bush the Dolt.  Devoid of any real personality, totally disconnected from the general public and extremely uncomfortable having to deal with them.

Ryan is like watching Cheney rise from the ashes; just as cold and dis-compassionate and just as determined to beat down anyone who isn’t well connected or rolling in dough.

Obama has appeal but it is the kind that comes from being malignantly charismatic. You think he’s a nice guy til you look behind the curtain and realize he’s the one pulling the trigger. His obvious disdain for the United States is evident in what he does.

Biden?  Nothing to see here… move along.

Stop yawning

We are jaded.  Having been deceived and tricked, lied to, sold out, betrayed and disempowered, the American public just isn’t up for another round of “I love you’s” from the pre-selected candidates.  I think we have battered public syndrome, akin to battered women’s syndrome.  I don’t think we are up for any more political “I love you’s” while continually getting our collective eye’s blacked by an abusive government.

Not only have our candidates been pre-approved and pre-selected by people and groups who have no connections to us, the winner has already been determined no matter if you vote or how you vote.

This election is not only boring, its totally irrelevant.  The deconstruction of the United States will continue on.  The fact is, neither candidate would be allowed to run for that office unless they agreed to cooperate and implement the plans for dissolving the US.

If anyone asks, tell them you voted for “Obomney”.


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