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Linda Kincaid updates us on the condition of Gisela Riordan who is still being held in isolation in violation of California laws prohibiting isolation of the elderly.

Gisela Riordan, 84, is wrongfully imprisoned and unlawfully isolated at Villa Fontana, a residential care facility at 5555 Prospect Road in San Jose.  408-255-5555  For over two years, Gisela has been denied her right to visitation and phone calls.  Convicted felons are guaranteed the right to visit with friends and family.  Those felons are allowed phone calls and mail.  But Gisela, who has committed no crime, is denied those basic comforts.  Gisela faces each day believing she has been forgotten and abandoned.

When I briefly gained access to Gisela in April 2012, she told me she prays every night for God to take her.  She was painfully lonely, sobbing and clutching my arm, begging me not to forget her.  Gisela made me promise to come see her again.  Villa Fontana has prevented my keeping that promise.
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