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H.R.6249 is the latest tax scheme to surface in the District of Criminals.

As if we are not taxed to the max now on every conceivable thing that we do, Rep. Blumenauer of Oregon has come up with a new scheme to tax water. Why not? They tax the air we breath, the land we live on, the products we buy, our wages and everything else that comprises our lives……why not an inflated and phony tax on water? That could be worth kabillions in new revenue that could be blown on everything from supporting illegal immigration and gun running, to starting more wars!

Having been unsuccessful in their efforts to redefine “navigable waters” to the more globalist friendly “waters of America”, an all-encompassing term which would have wrenched existing water rights of individuals out by the roots, congress is back with another plan for water grabbing. Rep. Blumenauer has come up with a really sweet plan for taxing the sale, use, manufacture of water based products, disposal of water based product containers and of course waste water management.  this bill, if passed, would open the door to metering of private wells on private property or to massive assaults by the EPA as they trespass on private property to force implementation of another round of their Agenda 21 based, property theft codes.

This brand new system of taxes is to be shouldered by the public and funneled into another dedicated revenue stream collected by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The IMF is the same entity which replaced our independent treasury in 1913.

Once in the IMF account for the US, the co-mingling of funds runs non-stop. Money is raided from every conceivable source including every single “trust fund” the federal government has created a tax for, and then uses those dedicated funds for any thing and everything except the purpose for which they were collected.

Water protection and re-investment tax scheme

(a) Water Protection and Reinvestment Trust Fund-

(1) IN GENERAL- Subchapter A of chapter 98 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (relating to establishment of trust funds) is amended by adding at the end the following new section:

‘SEC. 9512. WATER PROTECTION AND REINVESTMENT TRUST FUND.‘(a) Creation of Trust Fund- There is established in the Treasury of the United States a trust fund to be known as the ‘Water Protection and Reinvestment Trust Fund’, consisting of such amounts as may be appropriated or credited to such fund as provided in this section or section 9602(b).

‘(b) Transfers to Trust Fund- There are hereby appropriated to the Water Protection and Reinvestment Trust Fund amounts equivalent to the taxes received in the Treasury before January 1, 2019, under section 4171 (relating to taxes relating to water).

‘(c) Expenditures- Amounts in the Water Protection and Reinvestment Trust Fund shall be available to the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, without further appropriation, only for purposes of investments in clean water infrastructure in accordance with the Water Protection and Reinvestment Act of 2012.’.

The idea that some small fraction of what would actually be collected under this new tax scheme would be handed over to the EPA, should have everyone pulling their hair out. One of the most hated and despised of the privately owned federal corporations, the EPA has caused misery and destruction across the country with its idiotic regulations and its violations of private property rights. Of course EPA just loves them some gas & oil cartels, giving them a free pass on clean water, clean air and environmental devastation caused by their “rip & ship” business models.
As with all “trust funds” such as the Social Security Trust Fund, the Highway and Transportation Trust Fund, and the  Airport Trust Fund, and too many others to list here, the taxes are collected from the public under various categories for services, specific products like gasoline, and are added to the final cost paid by the consumer or taxed against their wages. These taxes are calculated and paid separately from other revenue streams as business owners and other vendors, issue payments directly to the trusts based on the special taxes they collected for this revenue source. The IMF calculates the value of all the payments collected for that revenue stream and the Federal government lists that amount as though the funds are actually present and accruing. They aren’t.

In the case of the highway trust fund

From The Hill:

The CBO report projects the highway trust to have a $12 billion at the end of the current fiscal year, which began last October and a $3 billion balance in the 2013 budget year that will begin this fall.

The reports finds by 2014 the trust fund, which is at the center of the current debate over a new federal highway bill, will reach zero.

The federal gas tax, which is currently 18.4 cents per gallon, brings in approximately $100 million per day in revenue. But Lawmakers in Congress are discussing a new highway bill which in the Senate would spent between $13 and $14 billion per year more than the $36 billion the gas tax brings in annually. “

$12 billion dollars now [credited] to the highway trust fund while our roads and bridges fall into disrepair. $100 million per day of revenues day after day after day……and supposedly there is no money to fix our roads. In fact, funds are so scarce that roads and bridges are being sold off to foreign governments and corporations. Supposedly, if we didn’t sell our infrastructure off to foreign interests, we would need another stimulus of some kind to fix our infrastructure. Why?

Because the funds collected for this and every other trust fund were blown for non-related crap!

Social Security is the greatest example of what happens to trust funds (dedicated revenue streams injected into the IMF via taxation of all kinds)

2.6 Trillion owed to the Social Security Trust Fund (and yes, there IS an SS trust fund). 2.6 trillion that was stolen to pay for illegal wars and to fund un-American activities and agencies such as the Homeland Terrorism Department. Think “TSA”……that is one of the places your SS investments are going. Now…..don’t you feel safer?

From Forbes:

“Social Security benefits are entirely self-financing. They are paid for with payroll taxes collected from workers and their employers throughout their careers. These taxes are placed in a trust fund dedicated to paying benefits owed to current and future beneficiaries. … Even though Social Security began collecting less in taxes than it paid in benefits in 2010, the trust fund will continue to accrue interest and grow until 2025, and will have adequate resources to pay full benefits for the next 26 years.”

The very last thing we need is another tax on anything! The next to last thing we need is a tax on water above and beyond all the taxes now applied to your monthly water bill. We absolutely do not need another bogus [Trust Fund] that will simply siphon more money off the public that will be used for everything but water issues!

And for cripes sake! The idea that management and expenditures of any portion of this phony tax would be handled by the EPA should be sending up red flags all over the place.  The government already taxes the land, our food, the air we breath and now they want to add more taxes on top of the massive taxes we already are hit with for what is nothing more than the creation of another tax revenue stream.  Instead of taxing water, we should tax these jackasses in the District of Criminals for even thinking this crap up.


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