John Boering,  August 8, 2012


Unidentified gunmen attacked the Sinai Peninsula border of Egypt and Israel last Sunday. Sixteen Egyptian soldiers were killed; the attackers were stopped by Israeli fire. The crisis is forcing Egypt to set policy with Israel as the 1979 peace treaty has been compromised. Additionally, the struggle for power in Egypt’s new government is being tested.

Egypt’s military responded to the Sinai attack today by striking targets near the border to crackdown on Islamic extremists who are being blamed for the attack. The attack benefits Israel and Egypt’s military politicians, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF).

Egypt’s new president, Mohamed Mursi, was declared winner of the the election in June, but his actual power has been symbolic. He is an Islamist backed by the Muslim Brotherhood that is hostile to Israel. Further, Mursi has shown support for Palestinian authority.

Mursi was elected to replace the transitional military government, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), comprised of generals appointed by Mubarak. SCAF, initially perceived as the protector of the people, has a tarnished image because they have become very political and are involved in a power struggle to legislate, control the budget and determine all military action. The courts are a tool of SCAF.

SCAF claims that the Sinai gunmen were Islamic extremists and vowed to use force on the “jihadists” that have yet to be identified. Their counter strike has killed 20 people so far.

However, the Muslim Brotherhood (and many Egyptians) believe that the unidentified gunmen were Israeli Mossad agents and that the attack was designed to increase militarization of the border and restrict flow into Gaza. The border has been sealed. The Brotherhood contends that the Israeli Counterterrorism Bureau warning to Zionist citizens to leave Sinai a few days prior to the attack constitutes proof of a false flag event.

SCAF has gained power following the attack because they have control over the military and have demonized Islamics.

The bottom line is that the Egyptian people are suffering at the hands of international interests and internal power grabbers.