Government grabbing your guns


Government Grabbing Your Guns




San Diego, CA 06/ /12 By Dauntless Don – Contributing columnistst


Obama’s stealth attack on the second amendment! “We’re working on gun control under the radar. I don’t believe that people should be allowed to own guns,” Barry Obama stated in an interview with John Lott Jr.

“My first priority will be to reinstate the assault weapons ban as soon as I take office. Within 90 days, we will go after “kitchen table” dealers and work to end the gunCriminals Love Gun Control show and internet sales loopholes. In the first year, I intend to work with Congress on a national no carry law, 1 gun a month purchase limits and bans on all semi-automatic guns.” by Barack Obama at VPC Fund Raiser, 2007.

Whether you are a “guns kill people” liberal or a guardian of the second amendment you need to know that our Noble Peace Prize winning, President Barrack Hussein Obama, is attempting to eliminate your right to gun ownership.

Reader Takeaway: Throughout history, the singular reason that kings and rulers disarm their citizens is to have draconian despotic power and control over their subjects. More

Israel and Egypt’s Military Benefit from the Sinai Attacks


 John Boering,  August 8, 2012


Unidentified gunmen attacked the Sinai Peninsula border of Egypt and Israel last Sunday. Sixteen Egyptian soldiers were killed; the attackers were stopped by Israeli fire. The crisis is forcing Egypt to set policy with Israel as the 1979 peace treaty has been compromised. Additionally, the struggle for power in Egypt’s new government is being tested.

Egypt’s military responded to the Sinai attack today by striking targets near the border to crackdown on Islamic extremists who are being blamed for the attack. The attack benefits Israel and Egypt’s military politicians, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF).

Egypt’s new president, Mohamed Mursi, was declared winner of the the election in June, but his actual power has been symbolic. He is an Islamist backed by the Muslim Brotherhood that is hostile to Israel. Further, Mursi has shown support for Palestinian authority.

Mursi was elected to replace the transitional military government, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), comprised of generals appointed by Mubarak. SCAF, initially perceived as the protector of the people, has a tarnished image because they have become very political and are involved in a power struggle to legislate, control the budget and determine all military action. The courts are a tool of SCAF.

SCAF claims that the Sinai gunmen were Islamic extremists and vowed to use force on the “jihadists” that have yet to be identified. Their counter strike has killed 20 people so far. More

Obama & Panetta v The US Constitution


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Will the real terrorists please stand up?

Barack Obama, Chief Executive of the corporation operating as “The United States”, has joined forces with Leon Panetta, head of the Department of Defense in attempting to have the May 15th, 2012 ruling of Judge Katherine B Forest overturned. Judge Forest issued a 69 page ruling regarding the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) . This was the legislative attack on several constitutional rights and protections passed by Democrats and Republicans alike in 2011. On December 31, 2011, President Barack Obama signed the 2012 act into law. The May 15 ruling temporarily blocks the NDAA, and section 1021 in particular.

In June the Obama Administration contacted Judge Forest and demanded that she reverse her ruling of May 15. The Judge refused. The government’s argument was that the plaintiff’s who were afraid of being disappeared into the abyss of the police state, had no standing because the government had not yet kidnaped them and stashed them away never to be heard from again. Which of course would have solved any problems associated with future lawsuits as once they were disappeared there is no way they would ever see the light of day in a court room to establish their “standing”.

Section 1021 of the law allows for detention of citizens and permanent residents taken into custody in the U.S. by military or Homeland Terrorism agents on “suspicion of providing substantial support” to people engaged in hostilities against the U.S.

It appears obvious to me that those engaged in hostilities against the US reside inside the District of Criminals. It seems that no one is more hostile to, or more engaged in hostile activities against the nation than the very agencies and government agents that the NDAA empowers.

How could an unconstitutional law such as this, have been passed unless those voting for it were actively and openly hostile towards the country and people who would be affected by it? That would be the House and Senate and the target would be us, the citizens.

Who are the real terrorists here? More

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