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Walter Burien joins the show to explain the hidden investment and liquid accounts held by federal, state and local governments.

Keep in mind that on the State; County; and City levels they are bringing in more wealth than Midas ever dreamed about yet the population, 99.9% are clueless as to how much every local  government is bringing in each year (tax; investment; and enterprise  income). In reality the population was masterfully and  intentionally guided over the last 70-years to leave the vault doors open within all     levels of government. In all reality they NEVER had  control or real influence in this arena. They were always  sound-bite conditioned  with selective presentation to think they had a clue but in all reality were being guided and distracted as if  sheep led in to be sheared at the will of the orchestrator’s intent  for wealth transfer. Trillions of dollars in wealth transfer  annually.

There was no other agenda other that simple greed and opportunity applied within a masterfully run corporate structure known as  government.  When a complete vacuum and void is maintained (total cash brought in;  investments; and perpetuated growth of the wealth involved) as to  the basics in the population’s cognitive thinking, the wealth transfer was very easy to implement; execute; and finalize each and every time – 24/7 – 365 days a year.. What is the easiest way to steal money from you? ANSWER: If you did not know you had it in the first place.

That is why the focus has been on masterfully entertaining the population off  into La-La land with saturated spoon fed sound-bite conditioning.  Always anything other than the basics of total cash; investments;  and perpetuated growth of the wealth involved within government’s  next planed venture for global conquest and wealth transfer.


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