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Linda Kincaid and Chris Murphy continue their discussion on abuse by public guardians in Santa Clara County and San Joaquin County, and several other California counties, and the repeated violations of legal instruments, statutes, civil rights and regulations regarding treatment and care of the elderly by public officals. 

Chris MurphyMuch elder abuse is not identified. Much of identified abuse is not reported. Much of the reported abuse is not cited by Department of Social Services Failure of Department of Social Services to act on reports of abuse.

Every public official listed below has been sent a special invitation to join the broadcast.  In the event the invitation is received too late, or, the official is unable to participate Sunday evening, we have offered each  and all of them equal time at their convenience. 


CA State Assembly Member Jim Beall likes to brag about his concern for elders, and represents Gisela Riordan’s (victim) district.  Emails go to his assistant, Sunshine Borelli. (No assistance offered).

State Senator Joe Simitian also brags about protecting elders, and he represents Gisela’s dstrict.  Emails for Simitian go to Tyler Haskell. (No assistance offered).

These public officials have been repeatedly contacted concerning elder abuse and not one has acted to protect the elderly from predatory guardianship:

Supervisor George Shirakawa:
Supervisor Mike Wasserman:
Supervisor Dave Cortese:
Supervisor Ken Yeager:
Supervisor Liz Kniss:

BIO’s for our guests:

Linda Kincaid:

Linda holds a Master of Public Health from UC Berkeley. Since 1990, she has been a chemical safety consultant for high tech companies in Silicon Valley. Linda developed a passion for the rights of elder Americans after her mother was abducted and isolated from loved ones. She actively advocates for the rights of abused elders in her community and throughout the country. Linda is the National Senior Issues Examiner for .

The abuse of Gisela Riordan.

Gisela Riordan has been isolated for over two years. The public guardian allows no visitors or phone calls.

Department of Social Services determined there was no violation of Gisela’s rights to visitation or phone calls. The Santa Clara County Public Guardian states they have the right to deny all visitation to their conservatees. Will Lightbourne, state Director of Department of Social Services also stated that Public Guardians have the right to deny all visitation. That practice is in violation of California Probate Code and California Penal Code.

Phone Number: 408-741-5474

Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy holds a Master of Science degree in Gerontology from San Diego State University, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts from CSU Long Beach, and a Master of Science degree in Acquisition Management from West Coast University.

In 2001, she placed her mother in a local assisted living facility; the experiences of both her mother and herself were the genesis of her interest in, and passion for residential care advocacy. Since 2007, she holds a RCFE Administrator’s Certificate.

Her thesis “An Exposition of Irregularities in Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs) in San Diego and Imperial Counties,” (Montezuma Publishing, SDSU, 2010), is based on original research conducted from the public files of 354 RCFEs located in San Diego and Imperial counties. While working on her thesis, she and another like-minded graduate student founded Consumer Advocates for RCFE Reform (CARR), a 501(c) organization offering consumer-based advocacy and information about assisted living in California for the purpose of allowing consumers to make informed placement decisions. CARR’s website offers free access to public documents and regulatory compliance histories for approximately 700+ RCFEs located in San Diego and Imperial counties.

CARR is fueled by passion and private donations to continue its work.


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