OpEd by R.T.urd Fitch ~ volunteer President/Co-Founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

From the Mouths of the Inane Comes Words of such Wisdom

Horse Turds Don’t Stink

Yup, you read the headline correct folks; I am really a nameless turd in the disguise of a regular, tax paying animal welfare advocate just flashing my name around so that I can become famous for donating virtually all of my spare time and a good portion of my retirement funds to keep the federal government from whacking what’s left of our wild equines and stopping uneducated morons from butchering and eating some of my very best friends…that would be me, the nameless turd, well, that’s what the partner (or whatever) of “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis has told his dwindling handful of horse eating followers.

Ole Rod McQueary (yes, that is really his name) has had a long history of inserting his dainty little foot into his mouth every time he gets near a computer keyboard and recently he has been attempting to divert attention away from the documented failures and lies (in my educated opinion) perpetrated by his wife (or whatever she is) by trying to stir up the last 4 followers of the Evil Princess of Bloody Horse Slaughter.

The horse eaters are beside themselves over the new, upcoming EU regulations that will all but shut down the European market for horsemeat as they require all horses to have medical passports which state that the horse has never been treated with a variety of medications (all labeled in the U.S. with the warning “Not for Food Animals”) which includes Bute and wormers. Posted on this blog is the short article by Steven Long where he quickly summarizes the facts and supplies all of the links to the OFFICIAL EU regulations (which will pretty much ban any horse that comes for the U.S.), but with their big fat heads buried in the sand, the horse eaters can’t even figure out that I only reposted Steve’s article and links.

Below is a friendly, open, public conversation on a rather well known social network site where the horse eaters with no lives hang out and stroke each other and lick their communal wounds.

Considers 5th Grade Her Senior Year says:

“<snicker, snicker> Like Fitch is considered an intelligent “source” of anything except by his cultist followers. Yeah right. Maybe folks should question Fitch leaving one of his horses behind too…”

Hey honey, I’ve got news for you, every horse that we have ever rescued and adopted has had, and still does have, a permanent home with us. They are not disposable but members of our family. It’s obvious that you have problems either reading or comprehending because the honesty of saving a horse’s life and enriching that of another human are clearly chronicled in my book. But that would mean understanding multi-syllable words wouldn’t it, sorry, I forgot who I was addressing.

Rod McQueary responds:

“Thank you, 5th Grader. Mr. Fitch prays each night at bedtime that nothing happens to $ue Wallis. Without her, he is just another nameless turd.”

I have to admit that you caught me Rodney baby, you are right on several counts. First off, I want to be a nameless turd and go back to reclaiming my private life and I fully intend to do that just as soon as the BLM stops the roundups and uses science and proper management techniques to care for our wild equines and when your betrothed shuts her big fat mouth; I assure you that I will then pull the plug.

Likewise, I DO pray every night for the likes of you and your Wallis squeeze…I truly do not want any harm to come to any person but I pray that either an Angel or a Wizard will walk up behind you two and smack you aside the head while chanting…”You now have a brain.” That would be a refreshing moment for all concerned.

5th Grader responds;

“Rod, I’m sure you’re right that Fitch thoroughly enjoys having Sue to target. If he didn’t, nobody would know his name. As it is, other than targeting Sue, nobody still has any idea what it is he does. Well, other than take inane and poorly thought out shots, of course. All par for the course I’ve noticed. They don’t have any ideas how to help boost the industry, but they have a lot of ideas on how to keep doing the same things that have been the cause of additional problems.

Same old mantras about bute, too cruel, nobody eats cheval or uses by-products, blah-de-blah…. Wouldn’t it make more sense if they participated in actual conversation rather than making the same arguments that have already been debunked over, over, and over again?”

Good grief that is a mouthful of spew and ignorant vomit. What I do? I can tell you that I have a full time paying job that funds our efforts to save the horses and I am certain that I pay more in taxes than a 5th grade graduate grosses in a year, that is a given, hands down.

Same arguments debunked? Oh, I forgot, there is a comprehension problem here and ole 5th Grade just gets things twisted around assbackwards because it is their bloody concepts and misinformation that have been debunked PLUS she is wrong that we don’t have any ideas on how to boost the market, let’s try this novel concept:

Center sound Equine Business principles around cultivating the concept of working with LIVE horses instead of DEAD ones.

How about that for a change? The industry garners nothing, except for the deceitful prolific breeders, from KILLING horses you elementary school flunky. You don’t even need a High School education to figure that one out!

Attracted to Bright Shiny Objects jumps in with a well thought out zinger:

“Dipshidiot IDAs”

Is that a run on sentence, a series of co-joined words or someone just attempting to learn English? I am cornfused as I thought that I was the King of RunonSentances.

I must say that I am tremendously moved by such an outpouring of love and affection but what confuses me is that I just checked and my buddy, the Rodster, pulled his above comment from the public page. Does that mean that I am not a nameless turd or does it verify that I am? For a moment I thought that I had found myself and now I find that I am lost and disoriented in the giant cesspool of predatory horse slaughter. Help…I think I am drowning or better yet I just might try to make a deal to bring the Rodmaster back.

Hey McQueary, if you can convince the disgrace of Wyoming and her lap dog Doinkette to crawl back into their holes I will go away and never speak another word about the lies, fraud, deceit and failures of your flawed buddies BUT if the misleading cow pucky continues to pollute the internet and the sensibilities of the true American public then I am going to be right there to speak the truth and counter with facts because we have the power of honesty and compassion on our side while your black hearts wouldn’t recognize a moment of caring if it hit you over the head.

Your call; it’s good versus evil/light over darkness and I can assure you that my spotlight is not only bigger than yours but it was made in the good old USA instead of over in Belgium…where I hear that they have little dinky torches.

The Force of the Horse© is NOT going away so put up or shut up!

(Disclaimer: I have no opinion on this subject)