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OpEd by R.T.urd Fitch ~ volunteer President/Co-Founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

From the Mouths of the Inane Comes Words of such Wisdom

Horse Turds Don’t Stink

Yup, you read the headline correct folks; I am really a nameless turd in the disguise of a regular, tax paying animal welfare advocate just flashing my name around so that I can become famous for donating virtually all of my spare time and a good portion of my retirement funds to keep the federal government from whacking what’s left of our wild equines and stopping uneducated morons from butchering and eating some of my very best friends…that would be me, the nameless turd, well, that’s what the partner (or whatever) of “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis has told his dwindling handful of horse eating followers.

Ole Rod McQueary (yes, that is really his name) has had a long history of inserting his dainty little foot into his mouth every time he gets near a computer keyboard and recently he has been attempting to divert attention away from the documented failures and lies (in my educated opinion) perpetrated by his wife (or whatever she is) by trying to stir up the last 4 followers of the Evil Princess of Bloody Horse Slaughter.

The horse eaters are beside themselves over the new, upcoming EU regulations that will all but shut down the European market for horsemeat as they require all horses to have medical passports which state that the horse has never been treated with a variety of medications (all labeled in the U.S. with the warning “Not for Food Animals”) which includes Bute and wormers. Posted on this blog is the short article by Steven Long where he quickly summarizes the facts and supplies all of the links to the OFFICIAL EU regulations (which will pretty much ban any horse that comes for the U.S.), but with their big fat heads buried in the sand, the horse eaters can’t even figure out that I only reposted Steve’s article and links.

Below is a friendly, open, public conversation on a rather well known social network site where the horse eaters with no lives hang out and stroke each other and lick their communal wounds. More

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