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A war of lies on a global scale

Most Americans have their eye on the UN Small Arms Treaty; a treaty intended to circumvent our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.  The backlash against this treasonous treaty is massive, not only because it is a direct assault on the 2nd Amendment and our right to defend ourselves against an increasingly tyrannical government, but because it also is the final act in handing over control of our military to a foreign government: the United Nations.  This submission of US military forces to UN control was exposed in the recent testimonies of Panetta and Dempsey in front of the Senate committee, claiming they go to the UN for approval for war, not to congress.

The absolute silence from the Senate committee members regarding this claim, and the subsequent refusal and failure of the Senators to have  Panetta and Dempsey immediately arrested and charged with treason, spoke volumes about who and what these Senators actually represent.  To have this declaration of subordination to the UN expressed by these two jackasses was then followed up by Hillary Clinton joining the fray at the UN on the Small Arms Treaty.

Hillary Clinton has said she will sign the treaty, although she has no constitutional authority to do so, and Obama has said he will second that signing, also an act of treason, not to mention unconstitutional. Supposedly, the treaty can then be handed over to the State department for enforcement, bypassing the Constitutional requirement that any such treaty be ratified by the Senate.  The problem is, it would not be a constitutionally recognized treaty and would not be the supreme law of the land trumping states laws and rights, but it will be sold to the public as if it is and all your state officials will submit your state to it.

According to the UN and those in our government, the fact that American citizens have the right to keep and bear arms, should be viewed as a threat to world peace.  No one can come up with a rational, logical reason why this would be so.  The only half hearted argument for disarming the US citizenry is of course, the children of the world who shouldn’t have to live with guns in their midst……unless those guns are in the hands of an invading military force bent on occupation.  Then these same children they claim they are wanting to protect from private gun ownership in the US, simply become [collateral damage] when the shots fired come from military weapons.

We do know that our 2nd Amendment rights are basically what has kept the peace, for the most part, here at home and kept our own government at bay.  Of course there have been those moments like Waco and Ruby Ridge where the government tested its testosterone levels, in two of the most gutless abuses of power in our history.

Americans owning guns has no affect on world peace or populations in other countries.  Our gun ownership and 2nd Amendment rights are however, a direct threat to our own government which views this right as a direct impediment to establishing a full blown world government.

Congress is intentionally silent on this treaty and the unconstitutional plan for enacting it.  This serves a great purpose…… they don’t have to register a vote in front of the public which would more than likely expose them as traitors also.

Nationalism vs Internationalism

While we in the public are advocating a return to our national form of government, our elected officials are advocating the international system and rejecting nationalism.  From this perspective, it is easy to see how and why the Homeland Terrorism Department views anyone who advocates for the constitution, the bill of rights and a preserving of national identity and sovereignty as “homegrown terrorists”.  Those of us who advocate a reaffirmation of our founding documents are a threat to those who advocate the overthrow of the Republic in favor of international global controls.

Now if you are sitting there thinking your senators or representatives will object to this unconstitutional plan, you are sadly mistaken. Not one of them will do much more than grandstand in front of the cameras for a few moments, or maybe hold a few bogus hearings from which nothing will come.  But its all intended to make it appear they really tried hard to stop this thing, when in fact, they all will go along with it.

Arms controls for peace while we expand the global wars

In what has to be the epitome of duplicity, Hillary Clinton is now conspiring with UN officials to begin the disarmament of the citizens of the US via this pseudo-treaty.  Its all for world peace, right?  Obviously not, as Clinton gave an excited speech in May 2012, to the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference describing the new six-point global plan for war intended to encompass numerous countries and her obvious desire for her department to be part and parcel of the newly emerging “global wars everywhere” plan.  Clinton’s obvious disregard or refusal to acknowledge the deaths of children resulting from these wars is clearly an indication that the woman is lying about her desire for world peace.  But I think we already knew that.

From the article on

“The U.S. is also conducting counterterrorism training and equipping militaries in Algeria, Burkina Faso, Chad, Mauritania, Niger, and Tunisia. In addition, U.S. Africa Command (Africom) has 14 major joint-training exercises planned for 2012, including operations in Morocco, Cameroon, Gabon, Botswana, South Africa, Lesotho, Senegal, and what may become the Pakistan of Africa, Nigeria.

Even this, however, doesn’t encompass the full breadth of U.S. training and advising missions in Africa. To take an example not on Africom’s list, this spring the U.S. brought together 11 nations, including Cote d’Ivoire, The Gambia, Liberia, Mauritania, and Sierra Leone to take part in a maritime training exercise code-named Saharan Express 2012.”

We come in peace…NOT!

Our government is taking war operations into numerous nations as they continue to attack Pakistan, Somalia, Libya, and help to foment civil revolt and war in countries such as Egypt and Syria.  At the same time we are conducting military training for troops in countries we evidently are planning on attacking in the near future.  The CIA has been sent into these countries to set things up and we all know that spells nothing but trouble and misery for the countries targeted.

Clinton also bragged about how the State Department was instrumental in launching two cyber attacks on Iran supposedly disrupting their nuclear program, and various other cyber assaults against our ever-growing list of countries targeted for military attacks.  All of this while we fought a huge battle against SOPA and PIPA, the cyber security acts that were supposedly necessary in part, because some country might attack our communications systems and internet.  Realizing that the State Department and other US corporate agencies are the actual cyber attackers only highlights the fact that neither of the two internet takeover bills were designed to do anything but control the only access the public has to unwashed news and reports coming out of the District of Criminals. The free flow of information is useful only if you are able to control who might access the flow.

Having failed to pass an actual internet takeover bill, Obama responded by issuing Executive Order 13584 –Developing an Integrated Strategic Counterterrorism Communications Initiative.  An order supposedly allowing the Chief Executive of the corporation operating and known as: “The USA” a.k.a., The United States of America” a.k.a., Corp USA, to seize control of all communications if he decides to.

In response to all of this, congress has said………..nothing.  In response to all of this, congress has done…… nothing.  That false left vs right paradigm is never more obvious than when both sides of the fictional isle fall silent on the same issue.  Now you would think that when the Chief Executive of Corp USA has a plan established for global war, those that populate the permanent political class might have something to say about it.

Sometimes silence says far more than a few spoken words. Pay attention to what you didn’t hear from the permanent political elite.

Pay attention to Hillary “the war hawk” Clinton.  Apparently, killing children or subjecting them to the horrors of war is really ok just as long as no one but a few political insiders know about it.


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