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The Homeland Terrorism Department at work

We are not celebrating the 4th of July this year.  In my estimation, the underlying reason for honoring this day has long since been buried under the fascism of what is in reality, a foreign and hostile government.  In fact, with the ongoing attacks perpetrated by Janet Napolitano and her SS troops on behalf of the CEO of the Corporate USA (past and present) and the total agreement and complicity of both houses of congress, I expect the 4th of July and any corresponding celebrations to be outlawed or seriously marginalized in the near future.  In fact, I am surprised that any celebration of the 4th hasn’t been identified as a terrorist activity.

Just in time for the 4th, Napolitano’s Homeland Terrorism Department (HTD) has yet again issued a descriptive list of just what might comprise terrorist activity and just who would be doing it.  The HTD list is of course comprised of anyone who wants smaller government, less government intrusion and control in our lives, and those of us who view the global economy as the tool of destruction it has proven to be, as possible terrorists.  Those of us who reject globalism and wish to retain our national identity and sovereignty, tops the list of potential terrorists.

The list was produced via grant money paid to the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses (NCSTR) apparently located within the HTD Science and Technology Center for Excellence.  As anyone knows who has applied for grant money, among other things you have to be on board with the stated mission of the grantor in order to be approved for the grant.  Taking grant money from HTD to produce a report to be used as some kind of evidence or precautionary list, is obviously one-sided and is startling in its omissions.

It is startling to realize that when these list were compiled, not one of these researchers (and I use that term loosely here) identified themselves nor those in the department as terrorists

NCSTR never addressed the fact that the only people who are showing up prepared to do violence in almost every instance, are from the government.  Neither did they address the continuing stream of edicts from HTD that are in clear and direct violation to the Constitution.  Nor do they mention that HTD exists as a privately owned federal corporation created to harass, intimidate and terrorize the general public.

The TSA agents who stalk and harass passengers in our airports should have topped the list of known terrorist activities carried out by our own government.

Those who work for Fusion Centers and spend their days unlawfully spying on their fellow citizens would most likely be next.

“Apparently the globalists fear of the American people is reaching epic proportions.  We have Fusions Centers, data mining, dna collection, iris scanning, facial imprinting, drones, spy vans, snitches and individual dossiers on every person being assembled with any and all information that can be collected about you whether true or not.  They don’t’ care.”

The possible list of terrorist activities performed by HTD and others in our government is so long, so extensive that I cannot see how these things could possibly have been missed by those compiling this document; at least not accidentally.

So as to make sure no one was left out, the list cites both “right-wing” and “left-wing” extremists and those in between, but only those in either camp who are not connected to government.  Never once does it mention the active and ongoing attempts by HTD to permanently silence any political dissent and the ongoing efforts to label anyone who does dissent as terrorists.  Never does it mention that the greatest threats we face from terrorism are emanating from the federal government.

(I have no idea where I would fall within these contrived lists, having formerly been a life-long Democrat and now refusing to subscribe to either side of the fictional political divide.)

At what point did it become acceptable to label as terrorists anyone who mentioned the Constitution or who believes in freedom and liberty?  And why would mentioning or advocating for these things be such a threat to the federal government?  What country are these people living in?

If you do celebrate the 4th………

If you are celebrating the 4th of July, celebrate those who have spoken up and spoken out in your defense.  Celebrate those who are preparing for a worst case scenario as a result of what our own government may decide to do to us.  These are people who won’t come to you for help.  And the government does have multiple plans in place for “dealing” with us if we refuse to go along with the programs.  This includes bringing in foreign military to use against us right here at home under the treasonous Civil Assistance Agreements struck with various other national governments.

And most of all, celebrate those who cherish our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution and are willing to stand up to defend it from all enemies both foreign and domestic even as many of us cower and submit to the police state.

The Declaration of Independence needs to be reaffirmed and our Constitution restored.  But first, we need to identify the actual terrorists in our midst.

It is not the American public engaging in terroristic activity, it is the Homeland Terrorism Department .


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