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Weekly News Update with Ruthie’s  commentary
This week – what I have scheduled is to report (as always) lead stories followed by the
Criminal and/or Insane segment.
At the top of the 9:00 hour I will be sharing my thoughts on Obama’s announcement and will pose  a question or two.
If you would like to weigh in, share your  thoughts on Obama’s announcement or
send a Hello to Ruthie, the call in number is  1-917-388-4520
Request – please, if you decide to  call in – quick comments.  Please do not use profanity or use vulgar language!!!
Next Week June 28th = Congressman  Steve King
(barring an emergency vote on the  floor) will be my guest to discuss his actions to sue Obama
for his blatant disregard to the American People and in my opinion his  unconstitutional
actions with regards to illegal aliens
Minnesotans  Seeking Immigration Reform and MN FIRE Coalition State Chapter                              
To contact us:
or call:  320-282-0585