Note from PPJ Gazette:  It is with a great deal of pride in the extensive research and writing produced by one of our favorite authors, Debbie Coffey, that we join with R.T. Fitch and everyone on his site in announcing the position now held by Debbie on the Board of Directors of Wild Horse Federation.  Congratulations Debbie!  From all of us at PPJ!


Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Posted: June 20, 2012 by R.T. Fitch

Update from Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Respected Writer Lends Volunteer Talent to Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Noted investigative reporter and wild equine advocate, Debbie Coffey, has graciously stepped in to fill the vacancy left by Laura Leigh’s voluntarily resignation from the Board of Directors (BoD) of Wild Horse Freedom Federation (WHFF).

Ms. Coffey brings her clear vision, investigative ability and knowledge of the inner workings of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to WHFF and was unanimously given a vote of confidence by the BoD and the wild horse advocacy, over all.

With the combined, well documented and totally transparent equine advocacy records of the WHFF BoD almost half a century of respected expertise is brought to bear upon the all volunteer organization which strives to give a voice to the last of America’s wild horses and burros through structured, calculated, stratigic litigation in an effort to ensure that governmental agencies, charged with the protection of America’s Wild Equines, follow the laws and regulations that have been set forth by federal, state and local entities.

WHFF, a registered Texas non-profit corporation and a federal 501(c)3, is overseen by volunteers:

R.T. Fitch ~ President/Co-Founder

Debbie Coffey ~ Director of Wild Horse Affairs

Marjorie Farabee ~ Director of Wild Burro Affairs

Terry Fitch ~ Secretary/Treasurer and Co-Founder

Likewise WHFF is supported by an Advisory Board made up of noted equine advocates, cinematographers, authors, writers and publishers.

Laura Leigh, former VP of WHFF, affiliated with Grass Roots Horse prior and earlier the Cloud Foundation, left her position on or about April 1, 2012 and with her voluntary departure assumed the fiscal responsibility of two litigated cases in which she stands/stood as plaintiff i.e. the “Humane Care Case” initiated and funded by gracious, tax exempt donations to WHFF and the “First Amendment Case” which was initiated prior to any WHFF involvement but maintained by the organization until her departure.

WHFF is currently engaged with the BLM over the agency’s attempt to zero out Colorado’s West Douglas herd through the reputable plaintiffs Front Range Equine Rescue, Cloud Foundation, Colorado Wild Horse & Burro Coalition, Habitat for Horses and several private citizens.

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